AR Ads Helped Marcolin Promote Eyewear With Try-On Feature


To promote its Guess Eyewear collection, eyewear group Marcolin recently worked with AR company Aryel, digital marketing agency Intarget and media platform Teads for a campaign that ran in Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the U.S. from May to June.

The campaign featured two AR-supported ad formats. One allowed people to view a pair of Guess sunglasses in 3D and try them on in augmented reality, while the other featured a promotional video followed by the same 3D and AR try-on experience.

“This campaign was aimed at a young audience, and we ensured that the product was presented in a manner suitable for the consumption dynamics most representative of this audience,” a Marcolin spokesperson told Adweek. “In the vast online world, where the quantity of content is immense, standing out is essential to capture attention and generate interactions. … The placement within Teads’ media environment yielded excellent results, considering the number of seconds collected on the ad unit.”

According to Teads, the campaign improved brand awareness across all KPIs and saw a 19-second average dwell time. The virtual try-on engagement rate increased by more than 44%, and the 3D engagement rate increased by more than 13.3%, when compared to Teads’ benchmark.

The results were especially positive in Italy, where the engagement rate for the virtual try-on experience surpassed Teads’ benchmark by 60%, and the average dwell time exceeded the benchmark by 16.6%.

“Our first AR campaign for Marcolin, in partnership with Aryel and Intarget, is a testament to our commitment to technology in enabling brands to establish a more impactful connection with consumers at every stage of the funnel,” said Jonathan Lewis, global head of Teads Studio.

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