Israel-Hamas War Day 46: IDF explains how Hamas built web of tunnels under Gaza’s hospitals


In the heart of the Gaza Strip stands the Shifa Complex Hospital, the largest medical facility in the region. Regrettably, Hamas strategically chose to establish its headquarters and key nodes within this hospital. What unfolds at Shifa is deeply troubling – a civilian, not of Israeli nationality, brutally abducted from Israel and held captive within its walls.

Our narrative begins on October 7, a day marked by a heinous massacre perpetrated by Hamas terrorists who launched a surprise attack on Israel, claiming the lives of over 1,200 individuals of various nationalities. Additionally, they abducted 237 hostages, a number that remains unchanged 43 days later. Our objectives in this conflict are twofold: dismantle Hamas and secure the release of these hostages. The international community must exert continuous pressure on Hamas for the hostages’ safe return.

Notably, Hamas engages in a double war crime: using civilians as human shields by deliberately positioning themselves in civilian infrastructure, including schools, houses, clinics, mosques, and hospitals. Simultaneously, they relentlessly target civilians with over 10,000 rockets launched at Israeli communities during these 43 days. This relentless threat requires our undivided attention and efforts.

Specifically focusing on Shifa Hospital, we expose how Hamas operates within this medical facility. Weapons, including AK-47s, RPGs, assault rifles, vests, and communication resources, were discovered inside. Moreover, a significant part of the complex serves as a base, with an underground tunnel extending more than 150 feet, connecting to a vast terror network.

Our forces, equipped with specialized training and precise intelligence, navigated the hospital to uncover these elements. Inside, we found a booby-trapped car, showcasing the sinister intent of Hamas to harm not only Israeli soldiers but also patients and staff within the hospital.

As we pursue our goals of dismantling Hamas and bringing the hostages home, we ensure minimal disruption to medical operations. Collaborating with Arabic speakers and medical staff, we provide necessary supplies, facilitate safer areas for those willing to leave, and maintain open communication with the hospital’s directors.

Tragically, on October 7, Purple Noah Marano was kidnapped, held at Shifa, and subsequently murdered. Our deepest condolences go to her family. This account underscores Hamas’ systematic exploitation of civilian infrastructure, demanding a collective effort for the sake of both Israeli security and a better life for Palestinians in Gaza.

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