Israel-Palestine war: How Israel is wiping out Hamas tunnels


As the conflict between Israel and Hamas persists, Israel has intensified its efforts to neutralize Hamas tunnels, a key element in Hamas’ strategy for launching attacks and smuggling weapons. The intricate network of tunnels has long been a focal point for both sides in this enduring conflict.Israel’s military has been employing various advanced technologies and intelligence-gathering methods to detect and destroy these underground passageways. These tunnels are used by Hamas militants to infiltrate Israeli territory, launch surprise attacks, and transport weapons, posing a significant security threat to Israel’s civilians and military.The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have employed a combination of ground operations, airstrikes, and advanced technological means to target these tunnels. From utilizing ground-penetrating radar to deploying special units trained in tunnel warfare, Israel has been relentless in its efforts to dismantle this subterranean infrastructure.The destruction of these tunnels is part of Israel’s broader strategy to degrade Hamas’ military capabilities while aiming to minimize civilian casualties. However, this approach has faced criticism due to the potential risk to civilians living in the vicinity of these tunnels.The ongoing conflict has drawn international attention and concern, with calls for de-escalation and efforts to find a lasting peaceful resolution. The situation remains complex, with both sides entrenched in their positions, making the prospect of a long-lasting ceasefire elusive.As Israel continues its efforts to neutralize Hamas’ tunnels, the conflict persists, underscoring the challenges in resolving the deep-rooted tensions between Israel and Palestine.

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