NYU Establishes Center to Research and Combat Antisemitism


New York University (NYU) recently revealed plans to create an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the study of antisemitism, set to commence operations in the fall of 2024. The initiative follows a substantial financial contribution and emerges amid legal action by three Jewish students accusing NYU of civil rights violations, fostering a hostile environment, and enabling acts of discrimination.

The forthcoming center aims to examine both historical and contemporary forms of antisemitism, including its connection to anti-Zionism. It intends to explore the interplay between antisemitism, other types of discrimination, hate, and extremism. Additionally, the center will organize various programs, training sessions, and events to raise awareness and educate against antisemitism and prejudice.

Anticipated activities include funding research projects, hosting speaker events, organizing colloquia leading to published papers, and coordinating efforts to foster an antisemitism-free academic environment across NYU campuses. The center also plans to establish a clinic aiding organizations, companies, or communities in developing effective strategies against antisemitism.

NYU President Linda G. Mills expressed concern over the alarming rise in antisemitism since October 7, emphasizing NYU’s commitment to condemning antisemitism and fostering a campus environment free from bigotry. The university previously denounced the Hamas attack on Israel, condemning the indiscriminate killing of civilians and the taking of hostages.

Established in 2009, NYU’s Tel Aviv campus offers a diverse range of courses, including Jewish and Middle Eastern Studies, languages, sciences, entrepreneurship, Israeli cinema, Queer Theory, journalism, history, and conflict resolution.

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