Alleged Military Use of Gaza Hospital: Israel Releases Video Amidst Claims of Hamas Bunker


In this video, released by the Israeli military, allegations arise concerning the purported use of a Gaza hospital, Alen Hospital, by Hamas as a command center and for holding hostages. The footage, which showcases explosives, Kalashnikov rifles, and everyday items like baby bottles and diapers, suggests a dual purpose for the hospital’s basement. The video raises questions about the safety of civilians, as the hospital was reportedly filled with pediatric patients, including those undergoing cancer treatment, just five days prior. CBC News has not independently verified the video.

Israel contends that Hamas is employing hospitals as human shields, pointing to the discovery of a tunnel near Alen Hospital and a reported command center beneath Elipa Hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility. Intense fighting surrounds Elipa Hospital, with Israel claiming that Hamas is obstructing the evacuation of patients, resulting in severe consequences such as generator shutdowns and the tragic death of premature babies.

The situation further intensifies as Hamas suggests releasing hostages in exchange for a five-day truce, a proposal met with Israel’s insistence on the hostages’ release before considering any ceasefire. Amid mounting international pressure to halt the fighting temporarily, the video underscores the complex challenges and ethical dilemmas in the ongoing conflict, raising concerns about the protection of hospitals and civilians caught in the crossfire.

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