Grand Marnier Enhances Real-World Events With AR


To support its “Grand Encounter” campaign that began in early 2023, alcohol brand Grand Marnier kicked off a series of real-world experiential events featuring music, tastings and an AR activation.

After debuting in New York Nov. 15-17, the “Grand Encounter by Grand Marnier” experience will travel to Houston for events from Nov. 29-Dec. 1. The roughly 90-minute event features a mix of music, art and drinks, and is free to anyone over 21, though a reservation is required.

To enhance the events, Grand Marnier worked with augmented reality company Blippar to bring attendees an AR experience that allows them to view a bottle of the beverage through AR and encourages them to visit a sign-up page to receive newsletters and more.

“We believe augmented reality can significantly enrich event experiences for guests by seamlessly blending digital content into the real world. That’s why Grand Marnier is excited to be partnering with the Blippar team at the ‘Grand Encounter’ events,” said Brian Chang, head of U.S. digital marketing at Grand Marnier parent company Campari Group. “Through AR, our guests can engage with dynamic, 3D visualizations, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of the event. This technology transforms passive viewers into active participants, creating a more memorable and immersive brand experience.”

Blippar has previously worked with brands such as Snickers and Lego on AR activations.

“Spirits have consistently proven to be a top-performing category for AR since consumers are accustomed to socializing and sharing across devices with brands they love for extended periods of time,” said Keith Curtin, chief revenue officer at Blippar. “Grand Marnier’s ‘Grand Encounter’ events are the perfect canvas to leverage AR to bring an additional layer of immersion to the party.”

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