Real Estate Brand Opendoor Will Air Its First Super Bowl Ad


Opendoor, the real estate digital platform, is kicking off its major marketing year with the 2024 Super Bowl through a partnership with Mischief @ No Fixed Address as it looks to rewrite the perception of the housing market. 

The platform noted that the Super Bowl is the unofficial start of home selling season, making it the right time for the brand to begin reaching potential sellers as the real estate market starts to thaw from the winter lull. 

David Corns, chief marketing officer at Opendoor, said the home buying and selling process is traditionally complicated, and it hasn’t changed in over a century. Opendoor promises to make it easier and stress-free.

“Our biggest challenge in 2024 will be to rewire consumer expectations that buying and selling a home has to be hard. We know an investment in creativity with the right partner can crack this, and that’s why we’re excited to join forces with Mischief,” said Corns in a statement.

Home sales stress solutions

Opendoor’s debut work with Mischief, Adweek’s 2023 U.S. Agency of the Year, will focus on home selling, which usually comes with a lot of effort on the seller’s part. New Opendoor data found that 78% of homeowners think selling a home is more stressful than being delayed at the airport for more than 10 hours over the holidays. And 66% think selling a home is more stressful than hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 10-plus members of their extended family.  

70% of those surveyed said they’re stressed by uncertainty over the sale price, while 69% worry that their home wouldn’t sell within a desired timeframe. Nearly just as many are anxious that an offer would fall through or they’d have to take on major work to make their home ready for sale. 

Opendoor is hoping that the upcoming campaign will show that the company helps quell those stressors because there are no last-minute repairs, stagings or showings, and homeowners can get an initial cash offer in minutes by sharing some quick details about their home online.

“It’s only crazy until someone does it,” said Greg Hahn, co-founder and chief creative officer at Mischief, in a statement. “We were drawn to the people at Opendoor because—like Mischief—they’re reinventing a way of doing something that has been done one way for decades and decades. They’ve got huge ambition to be just as unconventional with telling their story as the story itself.”

Opendoor had recently announced that it signed agency Alma as a creative and strategic partner. The partnership kicked off with two campaigns targeting the 55+ age group, the first of which premiered during The Golden Bachelor on ABC.

Projected 2023 spend for Opendoor is $59 million, according to COMvergence.

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