Music Streamer Deezer Wants Listeners to ‘Live the Music’


Through a new brand platform and identity, music platform Deezer wants to offer its users a richer music experience and introduce them to emerging talents via a new social music feature. The brand is promoting these updates through an accompanying campaign called “Live the Music.”

The social feature Shaker allows groups of friends to create playlists of up to 70 songs to match everyone’s tastes and is available through the brand’s app.

The “Live the Music” platform, designed by Koto, was deployed through a new in-app immersive experience that includes hi-fi audio, exclusive sessions with top artists, an AI-generated infinite mix, music quizzes, lyric translations and concert suggestions based on preferences and localization.

Maria Garrido, chief marketing officer of Deezer, said: “Music is a human experience that is meant to be felt, shared and lived. With this film, we want to launch the brand’s new global tagline and new visual identity. Deezer isn’t just a streaming platform.”

The latest ad is set within an amateur ballet class, with a stern teacher using Deezer to play the soft and gentle score for her pupils to practice and pirouette along to. However, something goes wrong and the music skips to a totally different vibe that changes the dancers’ moves.

Created by BETC Paris and produced by Iconoclast, the 64-second spot was directed by Brazilian director Nogari in collaboration with the British choreographer Sherrie Silver, who created the dances and worked with the cast to execute the dance moves.

“You know when a song that’s so infectious starts playing and you simply can’t avoid tapping your feet. That moment you finally let go and just go with it. We wanted to take that to another level of crazy in this ad,” added David Martin Angelus, creative director for BETC Paris.

The “Live The Music” campaign will be broadcast on television in France and Brazil, as well as online globally.

France-founded Deezer serves more than 180 countries, offering independent music experiences that aim to connect fans with music artists and podcasts. According to Similarweb data from 2022, the site receives 21.6 million visits per month.

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