Confirmed: Caspian’s Lounge to Replace Cleopatra’s Barge at Caesars Palace


Vegas fans collectively said “bon voyage” to the Cleopatra’s Barge lounge at Caesars Palace during the pandemic.

In October 2023, we shared word the space would become a new lounge operated by Clique Hospitality, and that is what’s come to pass.

Clique will open Caspian’s, “an intimate cocktail and caviar bar on the outside with a dramatic secret music lounge inside.” Caspian’s is scheduled to open this spring.

Caesars Palace didn’t release a rendering for Caspian’s, but A.I. did a fantastic job.

Caspian’s may not have a rendering yet, but here’s the logo.

The uppermost part of a guitar is called the “peghead.” Fun fact: Peghead was the name of our band in high school.

Here’s the way Caspian’s is described in the official announcement, “An homage to Art Deco’s Parisian roots, the music lounge is a collision of materials, fabrics and colors that come together for sightlines that are filled with opulence and beauty. A large carved golden frame draped with inky blue velvet curtains will provide a rich backdrop for performances, which will be enjoyed from ornate, oversized couches wrapped in deep browns, blues and golds. A dramatic chandelier hangs from the center of the lounge from a 16-foot-tall ceiling, illuminating colors of the sea accentuated by brilliant gold features.”

Seriously, how are companies still paying rendering artists? Caspian’s won’t have natural light, but otherwise, A.I. is all over it.

If we ever have a man cave in our house, we’re letting A.I. do the interior design.

Yes, we’re bored, so we asked A.I. to make us a man cave.

It’s like A.I. is inside our head.

As for reality, Caspian’s is described thusly, “On the outside, Caspian’s exudes European elegance. An exceptional collection of caviar will be enjoyed from an intricately designed bar and intimate tables in a luxurious setting that dramatically pairs onyx and pearl hues with detailed brass. Expertly curated champagne and vodka selections will enhance the flavors of the world’s most celebrated delicacy with accompaniments to make each bite an explosion of pleasure for the tastebuds.”

News releases gonna news release.

Caspian’s caviar bar will seat about 50 people, the music lounge will accommodate 100 guests.

Also not Caspian’s, but we’d go here.

Clique has had mixed results with its Las Vegas venues. Probably the most successful is Clique Bar & Lounge at The Cosmopolitan. We also like Tailgate Social Sports Bar & Grill at Palace Station.

We’re sure Clique and Caesars Entertainment will do a fine job with Caspian’s, but the real question is what’s happening with Cleopatra. Which seems like a sentence that could use a question mark, but it’s a statement. The statement is there’s a question, it’s not an actual question. “The real question is what’s happening with Cleopatra?” Good luck if you are trying to learn English. Even people who speak English have trouble with English. Don’t get us started on “plough,” “dough” and “cough.”

Back to Cleopatra!

We noted her removal in Oct. 2023, and were surprised there wasn’t a bigger brouhaha. There certainly was one when Buck and Winnie were sent to the recycle bin at Harrah’s.

Our source says Cleopatra is being given a makeover and will be back, although the location isn’t known yet. It doesn’t sound like her cheesy throwback vibe will be a fit for Caspian’s, so that leaves her fate up in the air.

Cleopatra’s Barge is transitioning.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the statue, rubbing her is a longtime Las Vegas ritual for gamblers, despite being, well, “up in the air.” Like we foreshadowed in the last paragraph. Please keep up.

Cleopatra’s Barge has been around since 1970. Prior to that, the venue was Nero’s Nook.

Let’s just say Cleopatra has seen things.

It’s bittersweet seeing symbols of Vegas past removed, but in this case, there’s hope we will see Cleopatra’s return soon. We’ll be sure to keep you abreast of any news.

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