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What are the best acne patches? We have the scoop!

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Put your best face forward in the new year thanks to blemish-blasting acne patches.

We’ve all been there at one point or another. We wake up to discover a giant, irritated pimple has sprouted on our face overnight. When it comes to pimples, we all want them gone as soon as possible. Luckily, with the help of some of the best acne patches, we can get those zits to disappear faster!

With so many products on the market, it can be hard to know which patch to use. We compiled a list of acne patches that are team and reader favorites. These products are packed with acne-fighting ingredients. The next time you need to shrink a blemish fast, give one of these pimple patches a whirl!

8 best acne patches for clearing away pesky pimples:

1. Make your pimples disappear with Mighty Patch, our team’s favorite tried-and-true acne patch.

When I asked our team about their favorite acne patches, Mighty Patch got a mighty response! Lina and Angela’s teenagers swear by them and so do Hip teammates, Sara and Chelsey.

How do they work? These popular pimple patches harness the power of hydrocolloid technology. You may have heard of hydrocolloid bandages which are frequently used in the medical field for treating wounds and burns. Since these bandages create a protective seal over your skin and absorb excess fluid, it was hardly surprising when a 2006 study showed hydrocolloid bandages were effective for treating acne.

Hero Cosmetics decided to design a hydrocolloid patch specifically to zap away your zits and it worked! 90% of Mighty Patch customers say the patches are more effective than traditional zit cream. Simply stick a patch onto your pimple and Mighty Patch will absorb your pus and reduce your inflammation. The brand claims their product is safe for even sensitive skin and that you should see results in 6-8 hours!

“The Mighty Patch worked great for me over the summer when I don’t wear as much makeup and want to clear up a breakout fast! It works best if a pimple has already popped and I always just put it on before I go to bed and I always wake up to a nearly clear breakout! I really do feel like these do a great job and sucking out the gunk and reducing any redness or puffiness if it was irritated. It also blends in with my skin so well so I feel like you could wear this out without it being very noticeable. These are especially a lifesaver for me in the summer when I don’t wear nearly as much foundation.” – Sara, Hip2Save team

“I ONLY ever reach for the Hero Mighty Patches (and keep them well stocked)! It’s amazing (& incredibly icky 😂) to see how much dirt and gunk these tiny patches can really pull out of your pores. As Sara mentioned, they work wonders when a pimple has been just popped, but I also find they shorten the life of your pimple. So, if I feel one swelling beneath the surface that hasn’t even popped or fully formed, I continue to put one on each day and it goes away much more naturally than popping or without the patch. Probably one of my top 5 favorite beauty buys ever! 🙌” – Chelsey, Hip2Save team

“My teenager uses them and said, ‘The Mighty Patch is my go-to when I get blemishes on my face. They work quickly and never let me down!’” – Angela, Hip2Save team

“My teens both wear Mighty Patches now too. Usually, they throw on after school or before bed if they have a pimple. It significantly shortens the time  frame of a pimple!” – Lina, Hip2Save team

ZitOut pimple patches inside makeup bag


These Avarelle pimple patches get high praise from serious acne sufferers. They are hydrocolloid acne patches that pack a punch with effective ingredients like tea tree oil, calendula, and cica oil.

Cica’s scientific name is Centella Asiatica, but most people know it as Gotu kola. This plant and its extracts have many benefits for your skin and are often found in Korean Beauty products. Not only do studies indicate that Cica oil can fight acne, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties, may smooth wrinkles, and even prevent dryness. The patches also contain tea tree oil which is effective at fighting mild to moderate acne and calendula which is a potent anti-inflammatory that can help keep your skin firm and hydrated.
If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to reducing redness, these are some of the best acne patches on the market. They’re a hit with consumers and the reviews speak for themselves! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“These work like a bomb! I’m a long-time acne sufferer and was shocked at how well they work.” – Margaret, Hip2Save reader

“They arrived Tuesday and I put them on overnight. Woke up Wednesday morning and was both impressed and disgusted by what I peeled off. My skin wasn’t irritated and the redness was reduced, but the acne was still very much present. I wore them to bed again on Wednesday night, and woke up the next morning to find that for the first time in months, my skin appeared to be healing. I was so excited that I actually almost cried.

When I got home from work that afternoon I washed my face and was so encouraged that I put more patches on and wore them around the house for the rest of the day and evening. I am not kidding when I tell you that I took them off before bed to find that my acne, which had completely withstood the test of every dermatologist recommendation for months, was all but gone. GONE! I could not believe my eyes. I cannot tell you what an insane feeling of gratitude and relief I have for having found this product. If you are suffering with acne, do not hesitate for even one moment to buy these little suckers!” – Jennifer, product reviewer

I learned about these pimple patches thanks to a tip from Hip2Save reader, Margaret. These hydrocolloid acne patches use salicylic acid and Vitamin A to combat blemishes and promote clearer skin. Salicylic acid is one of the most popular ingredients in skin care today because it has been shown to reduce acne lesions with limited adverse reactions. Meanwhile, Vitamin A contains retinoids, which have been shown to treat acne and signs of photoaging. These popular patches also contain aloe vera which can reduce redness, soothe the skin, and heal wounds. Talk about powerhouse ingredients! 🙌

In a consumer study, 91% of users claimed these cruelty-free patches helped healed their acne. Wear these patches for 6 hours (with or without makeup) and you’re on your way to clearer skin!

“I learned about these ‘magic’ dots from my niece who uses them for adult-onset acne. Overnight the worst of her pimples were almost healed; completely healed within 3 days. The small pimples were gone overnight. I was in awe. I get the occasional ugly pimple between my eyes-it shows no matter what. I placed a dot over the spot, almost gone by morning, completely gone the next day after a second application!

Another blemish on my eyelid was gone in about 6 hours after using a Peace Out dot. I could have used an amazing product such as this when I was a teenager decades ago; it would have been life-changing. Better late than never, I am grateful such a wonderful product exists now.” – Steve, product reviewer

peach slices acne pimple patch

This brand promises its acne patches will reduce your blemish in less than 24 hours. The pack comes with 60 hydrocolloid acne dots in 3 convenient sizes. They’re appropriate for all skin types so you can reap the benefits of these skin dots whether you’re oily, dry, or combination skin. If you like clean beauty products, these patches might be right for you. They contain no harmful chemicals or alcohol and they’re vegan and cruelty-free!

“A friend actually recommended I try the Peach Slices acne spots, and I’m totally hooked now! Super impressed with how well they work to minimize the occasional pimple. The spot seems to draw out the bacteria and collects it on the adhesive. I absolutely love this product, especially for the price!” – ST Williams, product reviewer

When it comes to skincare products, Clearasil is one of the most recognizable brands on the shelf. The company has been successfully helping acne sufferers fight breakouts for over 65 years. 🤯 It’s no surprise that their overnight pimple patches have a loyal following. They are gentle on the skin and work to absorb spot secretion while reducing scarring and inflammation.

“I love these! They work so freaking good. I was at Ulta and these aren’t there so I just bought the acne patches everyone recommends and what a mistake. I had to use like 5 of them and the zit didn’t go all the way away. So I ordered these again and boom it’s gone on the first try! I have tried other ones on Amazon that are a little more cost-effective but I always come back to these as they really work the best. I don’t have a lot of acne but I get one bad one here and there or hormonal ones and it works so good. Highly, highly recommend!” – Stephanie, product reviewer

“This product works very well and stays in place! I was surprised at how easy it is to use and forget about and it is not noticeable to others when you wear it.” – Marilee product reviewer

hand holding box of Nexcare Acne Blemish Covers

Ick. Looking at the reviews for this product made me slightly queasy. 🤢 Why? Because they work! Customer after customer posted pictures of their used and pus-filled patches. If you’re ready to suck out the dirt from that gnarly whitehead, look no further than Nexcare!

“I have been using these patches since I was in high school and they have always been a lifesaver. I found the best way to use them is to put them on the imperfection you want removed, then sleep with it on, or if putting it on during the day, wear it ALL day, and after a few hours, you’ll begin to see white puss forming and that how you know it is working. By the end of the day or by the time you wake up the pimple is flat and your skin is like it was never there to begin with.” – Elizabeth, product reviewer

Best Acne Patches - Zitsticka Goo Getter

ZitSticka Goo Getter patches are made in the USA and have been featured in several publications like Nylon and the New York Post. In addition to the hydrocolloid material, these zit patches include beneficial ingredients like tea tree oil, salicylic acid, vitamin C, and niacinamide. Not only do these ingredients help clear up your skin, but they help to prevent scarring too.

That’s because vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory that can also encourage collagen production and help to brighten dark spots. Niacinamide, better known as vitamin B3, also has many benefits for your skin including regulating oil production, reducing inflammation, and promoting hydration. 😍

This brand has a board of dermatologists that back its products so you know you’re buying a patch with proven acne-fighting ingredients. If you’re looking to drain and treat a surface-level zit, Goo Getter is just what you need! If you suffer from deeper pimples, try their award-winning Killa Kit patches.

“I have used many brands and these are by far the best. I have used ones that you have to wear all night to get any results. These start sucking up oil the instant you apply them and even if you have only an hour they will start working.” – Erin, product reviewer

“These patches work wonders! I had a stubborn large cystic pimple that finally came to a head. I put one of these on and by the next morning, it was nearly flat. As other people mentioned, these patches are small. However, they are the perfect size to target the problem spot regardless of the size of your acne. They do a great job draining and reducing the size and redness.” – Ariana, product reviewer

Hanhoo Blemish Patch - best acne patches

If you want to treat a pimple at a super low cost, consider this recommendation by Hip2Save reader, Eva. She buys her daughter Hanhoo Blemish Patches from Walmart for just around $2.50! 💰🙌

A low price doesn’t mean low quality! Hanhoo makes some of the best acne patches around. Their non-medicated hydrocolloid patches are gentle on the skin and can be worn without irritation. If you have zits in need of draining, these affordable patches are down for the job!

Hanhoo acne patches

Want a hydrocolloid blemish patch with additional acne-fighting ingredients? Hanhoo makes those too! For right around $4-$5, you can get their Extra-Strength Blemish Patch which includes salicylic acid, or their Soothing Blemish Patch which includes tea tree oil, aloe, and Madecassic Acid (derived from Centella Asiatica).

No matter which of their blemish patches you choose, the Hanhoo brand won’t hurt your wallet!

“Where have these been all my life?!? I love that these only cover the pimple but heal them at the same time. And the fact that they’re nearly invisible is awesome. And when you put makeup on over them you can’t tell the difference between skin and the pimple patch. Those factors alone would have me buy them again.

But I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to all adhesives. Even Band-Aids give me a very bad rash after only a few hours, especially somewhere especially sensitive like my face. However, I did leave a patch on for 2 full days and there was no adverse reaction whatsoever. No rash, no blister, and no itch! I’m hooked!!!” – RettaRoo, product reviewer

“I’m not one to leave reviews but amazing incredible unreal!! I just got these yesterday and used them on 6 pimples that were raised and red. Tried to squeeze them for 2 weeks yet these patches flattened them COMPLETELY overnight. I’ve been dealing with acne for 15 years HOW did these little things make such a huge improvement in 12 hours??” – Tara, product reviewer

As for one that didn’t blow us away? Rael Beauty patches left little to be desired…

rael beauty miracle patch

While some of our team loves Rael for their hydrating face masks, the Rael Miracle patches meant to suck out gunk from pores didn’t meet the mark for one of our team members.

Here’s what Chelsey thought of these after trying them in her Allure Beauty Box:

“Far from a miracle for me, I was so unimpressed with these Rael beauty patches 👎 After having tried quite a few acne patch brands, you expect some sort of dirt/oil/etc. to be visible on the patch after you use it, but I went through the entire pack with no results. Plus, these patches constantly fell off for me, which is why I was extremely surprised to see that they’re one of the more expensive brands on the market?! But, don’t believe the pricetag, these are nothing luxurious 😝

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