Sam Altman and the Latest With OpenAI


In this week’s episode, Cathy Hackl and guest host Lee Kebler talk about the changes at OpenAI, Roblox’s latest virtual fashion report, what spatial computing is and how a TikTok makeup trend might be just a fad or could be the future. Over the weekend, Sam Altman was fired from OpenAI, and a lot of tech news and drama unfolded over the last few days. Hackl and Kebler share their thoughts on OpenAI, Altman, and why the big winner is Microsoft and the big losers could be the users of OpenAI. The hosts discuss AI governance. 

Hackl’s first article in the Harvard Business Review was just published. She celebrates this milestone and discusses why her article, What Leaders Need to Know About Spatial Computing is about more than mixed reality. It’s about the future of human-computer and human-to-human interaction, and yes, AI is a BIG part of this change. Hackl shares a working definition of spatial computing for business leaders. They also discuss how this ties into A Wearable World, the free mini-book she co-wrote with TechMagic producer, Lily Snyder.

Lee and Hackl talk about Roblox’s 2023 Digital Expression, Fashion & Beauty Trends Report, its findings related to self-expression and how Gen Z uses virtual fashion to influence what they wear in the physical world. They also talk about Rokid’s $1B valuation, making it the latest XR unicorn, as well as how Spatial (the platform, not the type of computing) is expanding into UGC gaming, and they discuss the uncanny valley makeup trend on TikTok. Say hello to #robotcore! 

Hackl interviews Greg Kahn, CEO at GK Digital Ventures. Khan is an investor and strategic advisor to established and entrepreneurial companies on technology, emerging media, and digital transformation. Kahn is also the president and CEO at Emerging Tech Exchange.

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