Freed Israeli hostage hugs friends after 50 days in captivity


In a visual presentation shared by the kin of the liberated nine-year-old Israeli captive, Ohad Munder, on the eve of Saturday, November 25, poignant scenes unfolded as he embraced his companions, emerging from a 50-day ordeal in captivity within the confines of Gaza.

Ohad, on the occasion of his ninth birthday spent ensnared by Hamas, became privy to a recording orchestrated by the Israeli Olympic Committee. The video pledged a jubilant celebration upon his eventual return to the familial abode.

On the day marking the inception of a proposed four-day truce and the exchange of prisoners, Ohad, alongside three other emancipated juveniles, made a triumphant homecoming, escorted by his maternal figure and grandmother. Regrettably, the saga persists for Ohad’s septuagenarian grandfather, Avraham Munder, who remains ensnared in the tumultuous territories of Gaza.

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