MilkPEP’s New AR Lens Encourages Your Workout Journey


As part of its continued efforts to reach tweens, milk processor education program MilkPEP partnered with agency Gale to launch a series of milk jingles created in partnership with Beacon Street.

The jingle campaign includes sponsored content from influencers including Savanah Moss, Charli D’Amelio and others, as well as an augmented reality Snapchat Lens inspired by the “Milk Milk Milk” jingle.

The AR Lens encourages Snapchat users to open their mouths to become “jacked” through the power of milk and transforms their appearance to match the “Meelo on the Yell” sound cue from the jingle.

“This collaboration showcased our commitment to engaging Gen Z audiences in new and innovative ways while creating memorable experiences,” said MilkPEP CEO, Yin Woon Rani.

Earlier this year, MilkPEP and Gale partnered to launch a Snapchat Lens promoting the brand’s Zany Ziplines mini-game available in Epic Games’ battle royale title Fortnite.

“During this time of year, it’s hard to break through the mass of branded lenses,” said Ali Eng, associate creative director at Gale.

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