The Garage Podcast: Measure Everything


Welcome back to The Garage: Tools for Retail Media Innovation. Hosted by Evan Hovorka, vp of product and innovation, and Dan Massimino, director of marketing, from Albertsons Media Collective. The Garage dives into the why, the how and the who cares of retail media innovation.

Last week, we visited The Mars Agency to discuss knowing the roles and strengths of retailers. In this week’s episode, Claire Wyatt, vp of business strategy and marketing science for Albertsons Media Collective, is welcomed into The Garage to discuss the importance of measuring everything, especially in the context of retail media networks. 

During the conversation, they explore the challenges of conveying complex data science concepts and the importance of tying metrics to customer value. Wyatt also touches on the evolving landscape of measurement metrics, moving beyond traditional ROAS to consider broader metrics such as new-to-brand attributed sales and lifetime value. 

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