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Tonight’s episode has been much anticipated by viewers, who are still basking in the glow of Maggie and Cal’s first kiss. The sparks between them have been flying since the first episode aired, but after everything that has been discovered about what the two have gone through in their lives, the stakes behind the kiss and what it could mean for both of them are exceptionally high. 

Cal and Maggie can’t stop thinking about one another and their kiss. Maggie is obviously conflicted, as she just ended things with Andrew and her medical career is in jeopardy. Cal, meanwhile, is wondering if he is truly ready to move on from his wife. Opening their hearts to one another means taking a risk, especially for Maggie, who has spent her whole life pushing people away when they get too close. It isn’t much of a surprise when Maggie tries to deny her feelings, telling Sydney that she doesn’t want to turn into her mother and fall for a summer fling.

Lola attempts to return the cheque that Sully gave her to take care of Roy, but he won’t hear of it and insists that she keep it. She can see that he is clearly struggling at the outpost and volunteers to help him out in the kitchen. Sully’s desire to help others despite his deep financial struggles, speaks to the deep level of empathy and caring that make up Sully’s character. Maggie comes into the outpost and apologizes to Lola for thinking that she had replaced her in Sully’s life, and asks if they can put it behind them and move forward. Lola agrees to try, but it is obvious that her negative feelings towards Maggie are still lingering.

After Kaleb’s medical emergency delayed his first climb with Jackson, they decided to give it another go and this time, they made it to the top. Kaleb insists they take their gear off to take a selfie to mark the momentous occasion, and things go horribly wrong. The two are about to share a kiss, when Jackson falls off the edge and lands on a rock below. There is no cell service where they are, so Kaleb makes a beeline to the outpost and gets Maggie and Sully. Jackson is conscious, but has a massive head injury. Maggie puts her skills to the test in an impossible situation, desperate to save Jackson’s life. Cal assisted Maggie as she performed an operation on Jackson’s head on the spot, using a drill and a pocket blade. As Maggie began the procedure, the voice of the mother in her wrongful death suit rang through her head. Cal provided the voice of reassurance and calm that she desperately needed to go ahead with the procedure. As paramedics arrived, including Jackson’s mother, Connie, he was transported to the hospital. 

Maggie struggled with relinquishing control of Jackson’s medical care to the surgeons at the hospital. She continued to have flashbacks to the night her patient died, leaving her with a desperate need to try and make things right by helping Jackson. Maggie told Cal that people have let her down her whole life, which clearly speaks to Maggie’s inability to fully trust anyone. 

While waiting for answers about Jackson, Connie and Tom apologized to each other for everything that went wrong with their marriage. They put aside their hard feelings and Tom promised to be there for Connie, no matter what happens. Thankfully, Jackson made it out of a successful surgery with a great prognosis. 

Despite the good news, Maggie struggled to take credit for her life-saving efforts with Jackson. Cal tells her that helping people is her calling which helped her soften, but it isn’t until Sully told her how proud he is of her, that she fully let go and cried in her fathers arms. Sully is touched to hear her finally call him dad, much to a spying Lola’s discontent. Lola has suffered a lot of loss in her life, so it is understandable that she would feel some worry about losing Sully’s affections to Maggie. However, Maggie also lost her father for a huge part of her life, thanks to her mother and step-fathers meddling. She deserves to have that relationship with Sully back and Lola needs to realize that Sully has room in his heart for both of them. Yes, he cares for Lola but Maggie is his daughter and nothing can replace the love that a father has for his little girl.

Sully’s good heart leads him to make a call to Maggie’s mother, Phoebe. He leaves a message telling her that he is thankful for everything that she and Walter have done for his daughter, and that Walter should do whatever it takes to make sure Maggie doesn’t lose her medical licence as she belongs in Boston, helping people. 

As father and daughter are about to share a nice meal together, Maggie receives a call from her lawyer, telling her that her court date has been moved up. To make matters worse, Sully received a foreclosure notice that his overdue payments are owed in 37 days before he loses Sullivan’s Crossing. 

As the horror of Jackson’s fall overtakes most of the Sullivan’s Crossing residents, the Shandon’s work at solving how to make things right for Finn. Sydney tells Rob that he needs to spend more time with Finn, leading Rob to interview candidates for an Assistant Manager position. Despite her advice, Sydney is hurt that Rob would make such a huge decision without her input. 

Tensions are high going into the finale, especially since there are so many unfinished storylines awaiting a conclusion, it is difficult to see how it can all be unraveled in a one hour episode. One plot point of this episode that is sure to play a big role in the finale, was Maggie receiving a call from Bob. She hung up before he could explain why he was calling. This is the second time that Bob has desperately attempted to contact Maggie, and it is obvious that he has something to tell her that could impact the outcome of her court case or perhaps it has to do with Phoebe and Walter. Hopefully that question and all other lingering questions will be resolved in the final episode. 

Your turn, Sullivan’s Crossing fans! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Sully be able to get the money he needs to save Sullivan’s Crossing? Will Lola’s jealousy prevent Maggie from reuniting with her father? What does the future hold for Maggie and Cal? Share your thoughts below and follow me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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