Mint Mobile Coupon – Unlimited Data, Talk, Text Plan Only $30 Per Month!


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Treat yourself to a cheaper phone bill this holiday season!

Mint Mobile helps cut down your phone bill each month, and this deal is making them an even more affordable option – no coupon codes needed!

For a limited time, you can snag 3 Months of Service for FREE when you buy 3 Months of Service through Mint Mobile. Note that this offer is for new customers only. There are a few different data plans that you can choose from as well!

New customers can also snag a whopping 6 FREE months of service when they buy a qualifying device and a 6-month plan – no coupon required.

If your monthly cell phone bill has been hurting your wallet, this is a good opportunity to test out a new, affordable service.

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One of our Hip readers, Amanda, was awesome enough to share her personal Mint Mobile experience with us!

Here’s what she said about switching to Mint and how it cut her bill by 80%!

I’ve been using Mint Mobile for several months now and love it! No interruptions and the service is better than well-known national providers (in the Houston area, for reference). Our bill went from $180 a month to $180 every 3 months making for huge savings.

We just paid our bill for the next 3 months, and right before our first 3 were up, Mint actually left us a voicemail (voiced by Ryan Reynolds 🤣🤣) saying we could get by with the 10GB plan instead of the Unlimited because we hadn’t used much data. So now, we’re saving about $20 more each month in addition to how much our bill was already cut–that’s literally now about $100 in savings every 3 months!

We had been using a different, reasonably-priced provider, but we really felt like we could get by with something cheaper. We kept hearing good things about Mint and brought our same phones over from our other provider since they were both paid off and unlocked.

My iPhone seemed to have taken better to the switch than my husband’s Android did at first. But now, his phone has caught up with the speed and works just as well as it did on our previous network!

At first, my favorite aspect was saving money in general. However, after that voice message came in prior to our renewal date, I knew that Mint is a company really trying to help people save some money and not just fill their own pockets.

Their service and speed match our last provider, but the fact that they try to save you as much as possible made it a little more personal for me. 

So you might be asking, what is Mint Mobile?

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Mint Mobile is a prepaid wireless service meaning you pay for your bill at the beginning of your service instead of at the end of each month. You save BIG money with the lowest monthly talk, text, and data plans of any nationwide carrier.

Mint lets you buy prepaid phone service in bulk for maximum savings—you choose the amount of 5G/4G LTE data (4GB, 10GB, 15GB, or Unlimited) you need each month, and how many months you want to purchase (3, 6 or 12 months). Because Mint is digital only (there are no physical stores), they are able to keep costs down and pass the savings on to you!

And, you can keep your phone and your phone number with Mint instead of having to buy or lease a new one! Just make sure it’s GSM compatible and it should work great when you drop in a Mint Mobile SIM card.

Plus, Hip readers love Mint Mobile, too…

We are in our second year of Mint Mobile. If you pay for the year upfront, there are even more savings. I initially tried the 3-month plan to make sure it worked for us and we never had any problems with it. Halfway through the year, Mint increased the GB on all its plans, giving customers more GB for the same money. Fantastic company! For one year, 4GB a month, for one line we pay only $200 with taxes. Some plans cost that for one month! 

Using it for almost three years. No problems. Love the price. Hope it stays low! This is how much we should be paying for cell coverage not the high prices from the large companies.

I have had mint for about a year now. I was paying $85 a month. I pay $30 now. Excellent service. Better than AT&T.

We switched to Mint and realized afterward that Mint’s service was much better than a well-known national service. Don’t regret it one bit. Have had Mint for years now!

Switch to a Mint Mobile plan TODAY and your wallet will thank you!

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