True Lemon Fans Will LOVE True Citrus Seasoning Blends!


If you love bright, fresh flavored foods, check out these delicious True Citrus seasoning blends to make your recipes pop! 

a womans hands holding 3 true seasoning blend bottles

No bland dishes in my house thanks to these True Citrus seasoning saviors!

With grilling season upon us, I have to fill you in on these three citrus-based seasoning blends I have been cooking with for years and love telling friends and family about.

It’s no secret the True Citrus brand is well-loved around here by both readers and team members for their lemon and lime crystal packets to flavor beverages. But did you know they also make fantastic seasoning blends so you can quickly prepare brightly flavored foods at home?!

set of tru lime seasoning blends for food

These seasonings taste like freshly squeezed bold flavor in a shaker!

I  just recently restocked my favorite highly-rated set of True Lemon Pepper, Orange Ginger, & Lime Garlic Cilantro via for around $13. One of the main reasons I love this set is they are full of zesty flavor without having salt. Sometimes seasoning blends have so much salt it’s overwhelming, and I prefer to add salt to taste separate.

chicken kababs on the grill

Adding this to BBQ marinades, sauces, guacamole, meats, fish, and vegetables is convenient and tastes YUMMY!

Plus, just like the packets, these seasons are made without artificial colors, GMO, sodium, or gluten – plus, each serving contains 0 calories!

Grab a set today and start enjoying that freshly squeezed flavor!

Or get this Subscribe & Save deal on a 5-Pack!

Check out these fabulous True Citrus seasoning flavors and how I suggest cooking with them!

1. True Orange Ginger Seasoning

true orange ginger

Out of all three of these, orange ginger is most likely my most used flavor. I think this seasoning tastes great on any Asian-style recipes such as teriyaki, sweet BBQ marinades, salmon, orange chicken, and more. It has a zing of sweet citrus orange flavor along with soft ginger, which is a great aromatic pair.

Plus, it’s so fast to use this seasoning instead of juicing an orange and chopping fresh ginger! I have read that it’s also great to flavor hot tea, and also for baking sweet recipes such as pound cake.

adding orange ginger to sweet bbq meatballs

Recently, I made a super quick weeknight dinner by combining a bag of mini frozen meatballs from Trader Joe’s, bell pepper, BBQ sauce, and teriyaki sauce in a skillet on the stove. I seasoned it with a little of this orange ginger seasoning to add an extra citrus flavor that took it next level and had rave reviews from my family.

I paired these easy party-sized meatballs with jasmine rice from my rice cooker for a complete meal.

2. True Lime, Garlic, & Cilantro

true citrus lime garlic and cilantro seasoning

Here’s how you can take all your favorite Hispanic foods next level! This lime, garlic, and cilantro seasoning has such a perfect blend of zesty flavors and will certainly add a nice citrus base flavor. Sometimes I don’t have fresh lime on hand, and this is a great stand-in.

skillet fajitas made with true citrus seasoning

I recommend this blend for seasoning tacos, fajitas, guacamole, chicken, and anything you’d typically season with lime and cilantro. I have even seasoned freshly sliced tomatoes and cucumbers before. It’s just such a fresh-tasting flavor that I LOVE.

Also, I love making cilantro lime-flavored white rice in my rice cooker as an easy side dish. Adding some of this lime, garlic, and cilantro seasoning is a fast way to season it and serve it alongside tacos, carnitas, and fajitas.

I have even added this savory seasoning to homemade popcorn in the microwave! Yum!

3. True Lemon Pepper

true lemon pepper seasoning

If you’re looking for freshly squeezed lemon flavor, here it is! This classic pair of lemon pepper flavor is great on sautéed or steamed veggies, fish, shrimp, chicken, potatoes, and more. Try adding butter and lemon pepper seasoning to grilled fresh corn.

true lemon pepper veggies

There’s something so simple yet gourmet about veggies seasoned with lemon pepper. I grabbed some pre-chopped veggies for a quick skillet veggie side using butter, lemon pepper seasoning, and a little broth to help steam the veggies a bit to become tender.

I noticed this one is just a bit more powerful so I suggest tasting and seasoning as you go to avoid overdoing it!

For more recipe inspiration using True brand seasonings visit!

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