How Do AmazonBasics Products Stack Up Vs. The Competition?

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If you’re an Amazon shopper, you’ve likely spotted some AmazonBasics products during your searches and you’ve probably wondered how they compare to their name-brand counterparts.

These AmazonBasics items are often cheaper than name brands, so we did a little Amazon brand product comparison to see how they stack up. They often have the lowest prices, but are they of comparable quality?

Here’s what we found when comparing AmazonBasics to name brand products!

Our Amazon brand cost comparison includes these silicon baking mats.

1. Silicone Baking Mats

Silpat Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat
Current price: $27.95
4.8 stars – 8,674 customer ratings


AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat 2-pack
Current price: $15.19 – $7.60 per mat
4.7 stars – 110,863 customer ratings

And the winner is…

AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat 2-pack

You get TWO of the AmazonBasics baking mats for way less than the price of one Silpat. These are so similar in every way that we honestly can’t tell them apart.

Our Amazon brand cost comparison includes these batteries.

2. Batteries

Duracell Duralock Copper Top Alkaline AAA Batteries 8 count
Current: price $8.26 ($1.03/ per battery)
4.8 stars – 8,044 customer ratings


AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries 8 count
Current price: $6.94 (87¢ per battery)
4.6 stars – 70,801 customer ratings

And the winner is…

AmazonBasics AAA Alkaline Batteries

We don’t have hard data, but the customer reviews and our team’s experience with these batteries make them a no-brainer. It’s such an easy swap that can save you significant money over time. These batteries are always in our monthly Subscribe & Save deliveries for an additional savings of 5%!

A cost comparison of the Amazon brand cost includes these phone USB cables.

3. iPhone Charging Cables

Apple 6.6ft Lightning to USB Cable 1 count
Current price: $24.36 each
4.7 stars – 24,049 customer ratings


AmazonBasics Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB A Cable 6 Feet 2 pack)
Current price: $14.99  – just $7.50 each
4.6 stars – 70,014 customer ratings

And the winner is…

AmazonBasics Apple USB Cable

To test these we charged the same phone in the same outlet for a designated amount of time and then noted the increase in battery percentage.

The results… the AmazonBasics Apple USB Cables charged one more percentage than the Apple version, which is such a small variation that I’m calling them even. So based on the price, you are much better off choosing the two-pack from Amazon at nearly half the price of one Apple charging cable, AND the AmazonBasics versions are highly rated on Amazon, too.

A cost comparison of the Amazon brand cost includes a scissors test.

4. Basic Home Scissors

Fiskars Softgrip 8″ Titanium 2 pack
Current price $13.37 – $6.69 each
4.7 stars – 5,618 customer ratings


AmazonBasics Multipurpose Titanium Fused Scissors 3-pack
Current price $12.34 – $4.11 each
4.8 stars – 41,048 customer ratings

And the winner is…

AmazonBasics Multipurpose Scissors

We tested these scissors on fabric, felt, cardstock, and thin paper, and our results varied. The AmazonBasics scissors did a better job at cutting multiple layers of cardstock, while the Fiskars did a better job cutting multiple layers of felt. On price alone, the AmazonBasics version wins, but if your primary use will be fabric or felt, you may wish to opt for the Fiskars version.

These ceramic knives were a part of our cost comparison of the Amazon brand cost versus other brands

5. Kitchen Knives

Cuisinart Advantage Color Collection 12-Piece Knife Set
Current price $16.99
4.8 stars – 13,715 customer ratings


AmazonBasics 12-Piece Colored Knife Set
Current price $15.99
4.7 stars – 20,964 customer ratings

And the winner is…

AmazonBasics 12-Piece Colored Knife Set

We tested these knives on tough-to-cut items like spaghetti squash and delicate items like tomatoes and could not tell a difference at all! While the Cuisinart Knife Set occasionally goes on sale, the AmazonBasics Knife Set is usually the more budget-friendly option.

Folded bath towels on a shelf

6. Bath Towels

American Soft Linen 100% Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set
Current price $39.99 – $6.67 per towel
4.4 stars – 55,952 customer ratings


AmazonBasics 6-Piece Fade-Resistant Bath Towel Set
Current price $32.29 – Just $5.38 per towel!
4.5 stars – 83,595 customer ratings

And the winner is…

AmazonBasics 6-Piece Towel Set

Both of the towel sets are 100% cotton, but the American Soft Linen set doesn’t seem to be as high-quality as the AmazonBasics Towel Set, and it’s also pretty thin. Plus, with the price difference, the AmazonBasics version is the clear winner here!

Anti gravity chairs with Collin smiling

7. Anti-Gravity Chair

SONOMA Goods for Life Patio Antigravity Chair
Current price $84.99 (or less with Kohl’s coupons)
4.6 stars – 8,557 customer ratings


AmazonBasics Anti-Gravity Chair
Current price $59.99 shipped
4.6 stars – 8,290 customer ratings

And the winner is…

AmazonBasics Anti-Gravity Chair

The price is nearly the same, but honestly, the AmazonBasics chair feels a bit higher quality. The SONOMA chair does come in more color choices than the Amazon version, but otherwise, they are very similar products.

litter box with absorbent pad

8. Breeze Litter Box Refills

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Pad Refill Pack 8-Count
Current price $12.59 ($1.57 per pad)
4.8 stars – 10,252 customer ratings


AmazonBasics Cat Pad Refills for Breeze Litter Box Lemon Scent 40-Count
Current price $25.48 (66¢ per pad)
4.5 stars – 41,982 customer ratings

And the winner is…

AmazonBasics Cat Pad Refills

Hip teammate Elizabeth has the Breeze Litter Box System for her cats, and she gets the Amazon basic pads instead of the Breeze ones. She reports that they work just as well at a fraction of the cost!

holding a tube of blemish treatment

9. Salicylic Acid Spot Treatment

CeraVe 2% Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment 1.35 fl. oz.
Current price $16.01 ($11.89 per ounce)
4.6 stars – 6,462 customer ratings


AmazonBasics Advanced Blemish Spot Treatment w/ 2% Salicylic Acid 0.75 Fl oz.
Current price $4.64 ($6.19 per ounce)
4 stars – 72 customer ratings

holding a white pill next to a bottle of antihistamines

10. Over the Counter Medications

Zyrtec 24-Hour Allergy Relief Tablets, 10 mg Cetirizine HCl 60-Count
Current price $23.44 (37¢ per tablet)
4.8 stars – 4,0678 customer ratings


Amazon Basic Care 24-Hour Allergy Relief, Cetirizine Hydrochloride Tablets 10 mg 300-Count
Current price $4.64 (6¢ per tablet)
4.8 stars – 55,879 customer ratings

And the winner is…

Your mileage may vary on this one!

There are so many different OTC medications that can save you money in Amazon’s Basic Care Storefront. While we haven’t tried them all, our team has saved a ton of money on Amazon’s version of Pepcid AC, Flonase, Zyrtec, and many more.

While you should consult a medical professional before making changes to your health care plan, we’re glad we tried Amazon’s versions of these pricey name-brand medications. They may be worth a shot for you, too!

The bottom line is that Amazon’s brands rarely disappoint.

Throughout our testing, we were hard-pressed to find any AmazonBasics products that didn’t measure up to their name-brand counterparts.

So before you purchase another product due to brand loyalty alone, first see how it compares to the Amazon version. It could potentially save you loads of money!

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