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Though she doesn’t look like she’s aged a day, Jodie Sweetin is reflecting on what comes with being an “aging millennial.” During an exclusive video interview with Hollywood Life, the 41-year-old unSweetined author explained how she manages her physical health while promoting her partnership with Align’s Align Bloating Relief + Food Digestion. 

“I am 41 now — technically a millennial. I think they call us aging millennials now, it’s really painful,” Jodie joked. “But you know, I just have noticed as I’ve gotten a little bit older, my body just was not functioning the way that it used to it — I felt bloated.”

Since the holiday season is upon us, the Redefining Love star pointed out that bloating made her feel like a “Thanksgiving Day balloon” when she “would eat things that [she] used to … normally be fine with.” However, she wasn’t alone. 

“I realized that I was like constantly sharing it with my friends where I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so bloated, and they were like, ‘Me too,’” Jodie elaborated. “And so, it was like we had this little kind of bloating bandwagon that we were all on and. And so, I started looking into products that would be really easy to incorporate into my daily regimen that I already have.”

Jodie Sweetin

While noting that Align’s bloating relief product includes vitamins to “break down proteins and fats,” the former Fuller House star explained that she has adjusted to taking the capsule seamlessly. 

“And it’s really really been easy to take. I am so excited that I found something that works and that I don’t have to constantly remind myself to do or take,” Jodie said, before acknowledging the “huge difference” she has felt whenever she’s “on set working, and I have to eat lunch and then [dress up in] some gown or something for a scene. Feeling like a giant balloon is not exactly what you want to do.” 

While she is currently hard at work on a few undisclosed film projects, the Chapman University graduate also revealed to Hollywood Life whether or not she’d reprise her role as Stephanie Tanner in another potential Full House sequel series.

“I will never say that I would never play Stephanie again. The door is always open, as we say, to playing Stephanie,” Jodie noted. However, without series star Bob Saget, she acknowledged that any future show “would never be with same” without the late actor, whom she called “the heart” of the series. 

“I think we’d have to probably wait until you know, we were Golden Girls-aged,” Jodie concluded. 

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