An Emotive Time Travel Tale Promotes The Dutch State Lottery


Here’s a Christmas story that tells the tale of a man whose whole life improves because he buys a lottery ticket—but not in the way that might be expected.

The annual Dutch State Lottery campaign to promote its New Year’s Eve Draw features a young man buying a ticket for the draw after having found a device that shows him the future.

Created by TBWA\Neboko, 1:45 minute film “Believe in Luck” is the latest heartwarming tale told by the annual campaign promoting the lottery.

The series began in 2018 and featured a new animal star each year: Frekkel the dog (2018), Freddie the hedgehog (2019), Frummel the cat (2020) and Fritsie the wooden cuckoo clock (2021). It changed tact last year to a father and son duo in “Don’t wait for luck to happen.”

Erik Falke, executive creative director at TBWA\Neboko, told Adweek that the insight behind each of the campaigns was to show that some things in life are more valuable than money—even if it’s 30 million euros.

“Having a glimpse into your own future is something that fascinates us all and is very relevant if you buy a lottery ticket, ‘Will I win?’ So we ‘invented’ a time machine and created a story about a young man having a rich future life. But what is true richness: Money or love? Having to choose between one or the other was for us a very rich territory for this storyline,” said Falke.

The ad began airing Dec. 10 on all TV channels in the Netherlands before rolling out across social media, online, radio, out of home and retail channels where New Year’s Eve Lottery tickets are sold until the end of the month.

“We see the New Year’s Eve Draw as an annual highlight for Dutch State Lottery, but also as a challenge to demonstrate how beautiful and relevant our industry can be. That’s why every year, we put our all into making a moving and disruptive campaign that touches and inspires people,” added Anouk Zink, managing director of TBWA\Neboko. 

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