Glitter Stretchy Strings 6-Pack Only $5.99 on Amazon (Reg. $13) – Fun Sensory Toy for Kids & Adults


hands twisting glitter stretchy strings

Got a rambunctious little one? Keep them occupied with this Amazon deal!

Dash on over to Amazon where you can grab this BunMo Glitter Stretchy Strings 6-Pack for just $5.99 (regularly $13.99) – the lowest price ever!

opened box of glittery stretchy strings

These glittery stretchy strings make the perfect sensory toy for kids! They’re squishy, ultra-stretchy, and super fun to play with! Kids will have a blast twirling and twisting them around, especially if they love other fidget toys. And they can stretch up to 6 feet long!

They’re small enough to fit into a purse or diaper bag and they’re perfect for some silent entertainment when you’re out at restaurants, in the car, or in the classroom. Plus they’re super easy to clean as you can rinse them off in water and they’ll be good as new!

hand holding an orange glitter stretchy string

Even adults love these sensory toys…

I bought this product because I often find myself fidgeting during meetings. I also work in the mental health field and have clients who fidget to get through their sessions while talking about difficult situations.

Not only have I been able to benefit from this product, I’ve been able to introduce it into my work with the people I work with. They have noted an increased ability to pay attention while meeting and they let their creativity flow while using the product. This has been able to improve communication with others while keeping my hands and mind busy.

I was a little apprehensive about the texture. They looked like they might be sticky or otherwise unappealing to me. However, it has a nice smooth texture and the stretch allows me to manipulate them into different shapes and configurations. They keep my fingers busy with no noise to interrupt meetings or those around me. I very much enjoy them!

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