Campari Group’s Andrea Sengara on the Aperol Spritz


In this episode of Brave Commerce, Andrea Sengara, head of marketing at Campari Group, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss the cultural phenomenon surrounding the Aperol Spritz and what that story can teach us about alcohol branding.

With over two decades of experience in the spirits industry, Sengara emphasizes that celebratory occasions remain at the heart of the spirits industry, providing a constant source of joy and reward. She sheds light on the authentic roots of the Aperol Spritz in Italy and the strategic efforts to integrate it into various cultural moments globally. She also highlights that the Aperol Spritz, with its lower alcohol content and vibrant orange color, has transcended seasonal boundaries, becoming a popular choice beyond the summer months.

The conversation continues to touch on the role of technology and the dynamic ways in which the industry connects with consumers. Sengara acknowledges significant changes in consumer perceptions of spirits, noting the increasing comfort with experimentation and the rise of spirits over beer in the U.S.

Talking about the competitive landscape of the spirits industry, Sengara highlights the heavy fixed costs associated with entering the industry but points out that entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to navigate these challenges. She shares that the celebrity model and the potential for influencers to drive demand quickly have also contributed to the influx of new players.

Beyond Aperol, Sengara provides insights into Campari Group’s diverse portfolio, featuring rum, tequila, vodka and more. She emphasizes the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to highlight each product’s unique attributes and create memorable experiences for consumers. By aligning products with specific occasions and leveraging different parts of the portfolio, the company maximizes its impact throughout the year. With the emergence of Gen Z as a significant demographic, Sengara emphasizes the importance of providing high-quality, experiential moments tailored to evolving consumer tastes.

Key takeaways:

  • Adapt to evolving cultural and taste trends for brand relevance.
  • Utilize technology for dynamic consumer engagement.
  • Maintain the authenticity of your brand by staying true to its roots and heritage.


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