Spotify test feature discovered via TikTok


A user on TikTok has stumbled upon an AI Playlist feature in the Spotify Library App.

The story, as reported via TechCrunch, said, “The company (Spotify) confirmed the test to TechCrunch, but didn’t share further details about the technology and how it works, nor did it commit to a launch timeframe.”

On the social media platform, the user @robdad posted:


Since when did they have this update on spotify. Now they got chatGPT making our playlists… also wtf is Which House Exploration😭😭 #spotify #update #ai

♬ Heavy Metal Lover overlapped – jinxknsaudios

The post seems to show a text box enabling users to add information, commonly known as a “prompt,” to enable the generative AI to create listening suggestions and possible playlists.

Although not officially announced, the test could tell of a future release on the streaming giant’s platform.

Spotify has had a busy year, with user listening analytics being a heavy focus. The Company’s annual “Spotify Wrapped” was recently released for subscribers to check their most popular songs and those across the platform’s millions of audio tracks.

Spotify invests in AI

Earlier this year Spotify released its Personal DJ feature. This allowed users to access a virtual DJ that the company heralded as a “Dynamic AI voice Platform.”

It is unknown if Spotify intends to link the Personal DJ and the tested feature discovered via TikTok, but AI is a huge source of interest for the company. As stated in their February release, ”Personalization is at the heart of what we do at Spotify.”

Job cuts announced in 2023 for Spotify

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify announced this month that the streaming platform was going through the process of making redundancies.

The Co-Founder and senior role holder said this raft of job cuts “is not a step back; it’s a strategic reorientation.”

It remains to be seen if this investment in automation is related to the redundancies, but AI seems to be a big part of Spotify’s future plans.

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