Wynn Takes Playful Jab at Fontainebleau With Justin Timberlake Instagram Post


Oh, snap. Yes, they did!

Or whatever the kids are saying now. Do people still throw shade? Because that’s what Wynn Las Vegas did with a social media post. The subject? Justin Timberlake. The target? Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

It was so mean-funny, we almost feel guilty sharing it. Almost.

We made the arrow fancy, because Wynn.

Our story begins with triple threat Justin Timberlake being paid an ungodly amount of money (rumored to be more than $6 million) for a private show at the opening of Fontainebleau Las Vegas on Dec. 13, 2023.

His show got mixed reviews, but it’s Justin Timberlake, and party-goers got a free show, so nobody was too mad.

Along with his show, Timberlake took part in a longstanding Vegas tradition, the first craps roll photo op experience. (We’re fairly sure the first dice roll at Fontainebleau Las Vegas was a nine.)

After the Fontainebleau opening extravaganza (we’re working on our story, there are 34,000 photos to sort through), Timberlake posted a photo in social media. It was very romantic, but a red flag immediately went up because the carpet didn’t match Fontainebleau’s drapes, if you get our drift.

Carrying shoes at the end of a night out is a very Las Vegas thing.

Our Twitter followers are truly eagle-eyed Las Vegas fanatics, so they immediately recognized the carpeting as being from Wynn Las Vegas.

That suspicion was confirmed by Wynn Las Vegas when the resort shared a similar Instagram photo bearing the caption, “Where everyone ends up.” Wynn even threw in a hashtag (all the kids are doing it): #OnlyatWynn.

Cue the aforementioned, “Oh, snap.”

It appears that while Justin Timberlake was paid handsomely for his performance at Fontainebleau, the singer chose Wynn Las Vegas for his hotel accommodations.

It’s possible Fontainebleau could use some aloe for those burns.

Glorious drama, indeed. Even more drama required? It now appears Wynn’s post has been deleted. Oopsie, that’s probably on us. Yes, they read our Tweets. If they’re even called that now.

The relationship between Wynn and Fontainebleau has been a smidge contentious for some time now. As we reported exclusively, Wynn threatened to sue Fontainebleau for poaching employees. The matter was settled amicably, so while the lawsuit was drafted, it was never filed.

Wynn also got prickly when Resorts World was about to open. Wynn felt Resorts World was looking a little too similar to Wynn Las Vegas, so legal action ensued. We enjoyed that particular lawsuit because we were mentioned in it, and that means some judge had to look at our blog, which is hilarious.

Tensions remain high between Wynn and Fontainebleau, and Fontainebleau certainly hopes to snag some players from Wynn Las Vegas as it enters an increasingly competitive market where visitation has flattened.

If Wynn executives have visited Fontainebleau, they understand there may be reasons for concern, as Fontainebleau is spectacular. Wynn and Encore have held the top spot for high-end luxury hotel-casinos (as well as nightlife) in Las Vegas for some time now. That’s unlikely to change, but it doesn’t mean Fontainebleau isn’t going to upset the apple cart, a term we know hasn’t been used since 1978, but you get the picture.

Wynn Las Vegas has a history of mixing sassy and classy, in other words going for the jugular while remaining above the fray.

Back in August, a high roller at Resorts World convinced the resort to show messages on its massive video screen disparaging a Wynn employee. We broke the story and asked Wynn for a comment. The response: “We will not dignify the behavior of the guest toward our employee nor Resort’s World’s actions with a comment.”

That, friends, as Bruce Lee said, is the “art of fighting without fighting.”

Hopefully, this juicy scoop will tide you over until we can slap together a story about the Fontainebleau grand opening. There’s a lot to share, and none of our photos or videos or words will even remotely approach the sexy majesty of this new Las Vegas casino resort.

As always, lower your expectations.

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