McDonald’s Turns Paper Bags Into Art for Enhanced Delivery


Food delivery saw unprecedented profits during Covid-19 lockdowns, and the numbers have yet to drop for this $222 billion industry. While the playing field continues to change, chains and small business owners alike are working to meet the growing need. For some brands, that means reminding consumers that delivery options exist.

Most fast-food restaurants make it as easy as possible to zip through the drive-through or dine inside. In a recent campaign for the Norwegian market, McDonald’s teamed up with long-time agency partner Nord DDB Oslo to inspire consumers to check out its delivery option by reminding them of the comfort of home.

McDonald’s classic brown paper bag has been reimagined to resemble a classic Norwegian apartment building, adding a cozy twist to the design. Co-founder of Makerie Studio and paper artist Julie Wilkinson created the design.

Photos were captured by Catharina Caprino, who created every element of the campaign imagery in-camera. The result is a homey homage to the joy of receiving a meal right at your door.

A McDonald's bag shaped like an apartment complex.
Paper art by Julie Wilkinson and photographed by Catharina Caprino.McDonald’s, Nord DDB Oslo

Getting crafty

“The craft needed to complement the idea without overtaking it. We aimed to maintain the right equilibrium, ensuring the McDelivery bag was recognizable as a building while retaining its iconic appearance,” an agency spokesperson said in a statement.

Prior team-ups with Nord DDB Oslo and McDonald’s Norway have sported a similar low-key, high-impact ethos. In 2022, the “Take Away Your Takeaway” campaign encouraged consumers to be mindful of their leftover garbage by utilizing the golden “M” to point to public trashcans.

Another recent initiative saw the brand encouraging consumers to avoid eating and driving. Comparing the yellow dotted lines on the highway to french fries, it asked customers to keep their “eyes on the fries.”

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