These Provocative Ads Highlight the Choice Many Women Still Lack in a Sea of Options


Deciding on the right souvenir to take home from a trip or what to eat for lunch may sometimes seem like a tough choice, but a provocative campaign from MSI Reproductive Choices and agency Uncommon Creative Studio contrasts those options with the lack of choices many women have when it comes to their own bodies.

The global sexual and reproductive health provider reached out to Uncommon for help on its largest campaign to date, which features out-of-home and print activations in New York and London. The work includes billboards listing every lunch served at London’s Borough Market and all the souvenirs you can get in a single shop in Westminster, a print ad with all the suit types available on Savile Row in London and a scrolling digital sign sharing every coffee option on Christopher Street in New York.

Uncommon Creative Studio

The long lists are contrasted with a note that millions of women worldwide can’t choose contraception or access a safe abortion—40% of women live in countries where abortion is banned, restricted or inaccessible, while 257 million have no access to birth control.

The ads employ unique QR codes so that Uncommon can track the effectiveness of each work in encouraging visits to MSI Reproductive Choices’ website and donations to fund its work in 37 countries providing access to contraception and safe abortions as well as care for women who have undergone unsafe procedures.

Uncommon Creative Studio
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