AI Coalition Aims to Demystify Tech for Brands like HP, Diageo, and Kellogg’s


Marketer trade group MMA Global is helping brands plug their generative artificial intelligence skills gaps, launching a coalition complete with training, guides and frameworks on topics like AI in campaign creative, ethics and attribution.

After devising the coalition in the summer of this year, followed by eight weeks signing up 130 member companies, including HP, Diageo, and the Kellogg Company, the first closed-door meeting of the AI Leadership Meeting (AILM) was held in early October, according to Greg Stuart, CEO of MMA Global.

“[The coalition] is well-rounded. It’s not just about discussions; it’s more comprehensive,” said Louise Cotterill, global senior director of full-funnel marketing AI / ML at the Kellogg Company, pointing to the coalition’s specialized groups, training tracks and dedicated spaces for research. As well as the obvious benefits of learning from other companies, “this mix helps us cover various areas in AI adoption and implementation,” she added.

The hype cycle spurred by the release of ChatGPT in November 2022 has had marketers fretting about how to meaningfully invest and implement AI. While many broader industry coalitions focus on policing and controlling AI, the benefit of the AILM is that it’s focused on its application in marketing, brand execs said.

In recent months, the coalition has developed benchmarks for its members, released training and ongoing webinars, research and guides (like whether tech is gen AI or not), launched a podcast, and set up four working group tracks focused on topics like AI in content and creative, AI in marketing and attribution, and responsible and ethical AI. Courses, training and research are planned for next year, with some meetings taking place every week and a half.

Increasing projects and partnerships

For HP, like many marketers, the business benefits of AI are in cost savings through reducing rote tasks, as well as improving ad effectiveness through tailoring ad content, said Val Gabriel, Ireland managing director and vp, global head of in-house media buying and data science at HP.

“It’s much easier to have a conversation with your CFO saying ‘I will save you money by saving time’ than it is hearing a CMO say ‘my people will be a lot happier if we do this,’” said Gabriel. “You can use those conversations appropriately.”

Since joining the coalition, Gabriel estimates HP has doubled the number of AI projects it’s working on to 20.

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