Hamas Allegedly Exploits Hospitals for Terror Purposes, Admission Reportedly Made by Gaza Hospital Director


In a revelation on Tuesday, Ahmad Kahlot, the head of Kamaal Aduan Hospital in Jabliya, Gaza, admitted to the Shin Bet that Hamas had commandeered the hospital as a military operations center. Kahlot, who joined Hamas in 2010 at the equivalent rank of a brigadier-general, disclosed that numerous hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other personnel, also served as members of Hamas’s az-al-adin al-Qasam brigades. Specifically, 16 staff members at the hospital were identified as dual roles, serving as terror operatives for Hamas.

Following his arrest on December 12, Kahlot provided detailed information on how Hamas concealed weapons and integrated its operations within the hospital’s functions. He confessed that Hamas utilized the hospital to hold an IDF soldier hostage and employed ambulances to transport the bodies of Israeli hostages. Kahlot further outlined the presence of separate offices, ambulances, and equipment for Hamas with distinct colors and signs.

The IDF has presented general evidence of Hamas misusing numerous hospitals, with specific instances of more extensive abuse noted at certain facilities like Shifa and Rantisi. Muhammad Abu Salmiya, the Director of Shifa Hospital, was arrested by the Shin Bet on November 23, and his detention was extended for 45 days during a videoconference court hearing on November 27. As of now, no statements by Abu Salmiya have been distributed, and it is understood that the defense establishment is evaluating whether he has acknowledged a connection to Hamas or if the information he possesses requires further questioning.

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