Portable Oscillating Heater Only $24.99 Shipped on Amazon (Perfect for the Bedroom or Office!)


black portable space heater on nightstand next to bed

Stay toasty warm all winter long!

Through December 24th, head over to Amazon where you can grab this Oraimo Portable Space Heater for just $24.99 shipped when you use promo code 48QN2GPL at checkout!

Don’t want to turn on the heat to the whole house? Grab this portable heater to warm up your room and save on your power bill this winter! Plus, these are perfect to place under your desk while you’re working to heat up your legs and feet!

Warm up w/ this deal…

portable space heater on floor near couch and coffee table

This 16″ portable space heater is small enough to be placed nearly anywhere but can heat up the air around you in just 2 seconds! It has an adjustable thermostat and multiple heating modes to get your room to the perfect temperature. Plus, it comes with a handy remote control to change the settings without getting up and offers up to a 12-hour timer, sleep mode, and 70° oscillation to evenly spread the heat around the room.

It also has a built-in carrying handle to move it to any room of the house easily, and it has overheating and tip-over protection that automatically shuts off the heating element if the unit is knocked over or if the internal temperature gets too high.

black portable space heater on top of kitchen counter

Reviewers love this powerful little heater…

This little guy packs a powerful punch! It can heat an entire room in no time. My living room is very, very large, and we didn’t want to turn our furnace on yet, because of Iowa weather, it was 40 degrees out one day then 90 the next three. So we turned this little guy on and in no time our living room was WARM!!! It takes hardly any electricity, and it has auto-off functions that make it easy to use. Amazing little heater!!

Have two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs I put this in the hallway and the whole upstairs goes from 59 to 74 degrees 👌

I have used this heater in my non-insulated garage and in the walk-in closet of my bedroom which is always cold. It heated both spaces quickly and efficiently. It is small but has a good range to spread heat and with the swivel mode, you can reach even further to warm the space. The remote is simple and straightforward. You can control the timer and heat settings. The unit is sturdy and does not get too hot to the touch. Space-saving and powerful.

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