‘Train for Your Life’ Is the Goal at Anytime Fitness


People often make lofty health resolutions ahead of the New Year, but a new brand platform from Self Esteem Brands’ Anytime Fitness encourages just focusing on the basics that will make life a little better.

The “Train for Your Life” campaign from agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address launched with two hero spots. One shows a personal trainer guiding a man through weight lifting exercises with encouraging mantras like “I will not break a sweat when I take the stairs” and “I will be able to open the jar of pickles.”

In the second, the same trainer suggests that the things you’ll learn in the gym—like how to do a kettlebell squat or effective cardio moves—are far more useful than the historical trivia or chemical numbers you memorized in school.

“Not everyone is training to run a marathon or climb a mountain or compete as a bodybuilder,” Self Esteem Brands global chief marketing officer April Anslinger told Adweek. “The reality is that most people are just trying to keep their bodies moving and healthy.

“We support you in life’s everyday moments—no matter how big or small, like picking up your kid with little effort, going up and down the stairs without losing your breath, or walking to your next meeting without breaking into a sweat.”

The “Train for Your Life” campaign includes Spotify, social and digital ads, and member success stories being pitched to earned media channels.

Mischief also created a pair of spots announcing that Anytime Fitness members now get free access to thousands of virtual workouts through Apple Fitness+. The goal is to boost brand consideration and member growth.

All three of the ads star Arnell Powell, who was also the face of the clever campaign Anytime Fitness ran to tie in to the Super Bowl without an actual ad slot.

“We were thrilled to get Arnell back in the gym as our coach spokesperson for some more fun after the success of our Super Bowl stunt,” Mischief group creative director Howard Finkelstein said in a statement. “We don’t know how Arnell manages to nail his lines after doing 500 sit-ups to camera, but we’re impressed—and a little scared.”

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