IDF expands operations to new sectors in Gaza; Israel prepares to face Houthis


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphatically declares that anyone thinking Israel won’t fulfill its stated war objectives is delusional.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant discloses preparations by the Navy and Air Force to counter threats to maritime shipping.

Iranian proxies in Iraq launch rockets at bases housing U.S. servicemembers.

Israel completes mapping the strategic subterranean infrastructure of Hamas in the northern sector of the Gaza Strip.

IDF expands operational activities to additional sectors in Gaza, aiming to redefine border security.

The Biden Administration pressures Israel to transition to a more limited capacity in its operations.

Despite international calls for a ceasefire, there is a notable absence of demands on Hamas to lay down arms.

Prime Minister Netanyahu asserts that Israel will continue the war until Hamas is eliminated and all set goals are achieved.

Israeli Defense Minister Gallant vows not to tolerate threats to Israeli territory and states that the Navy and Air Force are prepared to act.

Houthi leader in Yemen threatens to strike back at any vessel attempting to thwart attacks against maritime shipping.

Iraqi militias affiliated with Iran target the Al-Assad Air Base housing U.S. servicemembers.

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