The 10 Most Watchable TV Shows of 2023


TV was weird this year.

In 2022, television output increased to 599 scripted series—the most of all time, according to FX’s annual tally. But thanks to two separate Hollywood strikes delaying productions and postponing airdates, that record is in no danger this time around.

Still, as the headline notes, at least 10 shows have aired new seasons in 2023, so at Adweek, it’s our duty to let readers know the best ones to watch.

However, “best” is so subjective. What does “best” even mean? Instead, we’ve gathered a list of the most watchable, binge-able, can’t-look-away content and streamable shows, including everything from FBoy-filled reality shows to Pedro-Pascal-driven zombie dramas.

Whether or not our picks are the “best,” we can guarantee they are objectively, extremely and endlessly watchable.

10. FBoy Island, The CW

Fboy Island Season 3 on The CW.The CW

There may not be many end-of-year TV lists including FBoy Island, but those lists are clearly wrong.

At Adweek, we made sure our list was F’d up.

In the reality dating/competition series, host Nikki Glaser guides three single women through a deluge of suitors, with some being nice guys and others being FBoys. If the women choose nice guys in the end, they get to split $100K. If they choose FBoys, the guys can keep the money for themselves.

Earlier this year, The CW saved FBoy Island after its untimely cancellation on then-HBO Max, causing the masses to scream out a collective “F-Yeah!” And Season 3 doesn’t disappoint, with a former Bachelorette making an appearance, a missing cupcake controversy and plenty of FBoys saying FBye.

Others may disagree, but all we know is you can’t start a TV list out much stronger than with FBoy Island. And if you did, the FBoys would do shirtless pushups until the stakes were even. —Bill Bradley

9. Slow Horses, Apple TV+

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