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Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is a seasoned astrologer, offers a comprehensive array of astrological tools for personal insights. His Astrology Calculator unveils the rising sign, impacting one’s persona. Through meticulous analysis and advanced tools, he empowers individuals to navigate astrological nuances, providing guidance for a balanced, harmonious life journey. 

Ascendant Calculator

The Ascendant Calculator is a tool harnessing astrological principles to determine one’s rising sign. By inputting birth details, it calculates the precise position of the zodiac sign on the horizon at the time of birth. This invaluable resource unveils a person’s outward demeanor and initial impression on others. 

Gemstone Suggestions

For personalized Gemstone Suggestions, discover your ideal match based on birthdate, zodiac, or energy alignment. Explore a spectrum of gemstones like amethyst, sapphire, and citrine, each believed to resonate with unique qualities, offering beauty, healing, and spiritual balance. Unlock your perfect gemstone companion today.

Rudraksha Suggestion

Rudraksha Suggestion, Experience serenity with these sacred seeds, revered for ages in Eastern cultures. Adorned as beads, they foster tranquility, harmony, and spiritual awakening. Embrace their mystical energy for meditation, protection, and inner peace, a cherished symbol of connection to the divine.

Kaalsarp Dosha Calculator

The Kaalsarp Dosha Calculator is an astrological tool determining the presence of a celestial configuration in Vedic astrology. It evaluates the positioning of planets to identify the Kaalsarp Dosha, a belief where certain planetary alignments in a birth chart can influence life challenges and remedies in Hindu astrology. 

Numerology Calculator

Discover the magic of Numerology for you! Unveil hidden patterns, decode life’s mysteries, and gain insight into your destiny. Explore the power of numbers, their cosmic influence, and how they shape your personality, relationships, and future. Numerology offers a fascinating journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Sadesati calculator

A Sadesati calculator analyzes one’s astrological chart for the impact of Saturn’s transit, spanning seven and a half years. This tool forecasts challenges and opportunities during this period, examining planetary positions and their effects on career, relationships, and overall life events, offering guidance and insights.

Pitra Dosha calculator

 A Pitra Dosha calculator determines ancestral afflictions in Vedic astrology. It assesses planetary positions at birth, identifying afflictions caused by ancestors’ unresolved karma. This tool aids in prescribing remedies to mitigate adverse effects, providing insights into one’s familial karma influencing present life circumstances.

Manglik Dosha Calculator

The Manglik Dosha Calculator analyzes astrological charts to determine the presence of Mangal Dosha, a belief in Vedic astrology. This tool assesses the position of Mars in one’s birth chart, indicating potential influences on marriage compatibility and suggesting remedies to mitigate its perceived effects.

Moon Sign Calculator

Discover your astrological traits with a Moon Sign Calculator. This tool computes your lunar sign, unveiling emotional inclinations and subconscious drives. Input your birth date, time, and location to unravel the deeper aspects of your personality, enhancing self-awareness through celestial insights.  His amalgamation of calculators and insights serves as a beacon for those seeking astrological clarity and remedial measures.

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