How We Can Make Sure 2024 Really Is ‘the Year of the Girl’


Whether it was the Barbie movie, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Beyoncé’s glittering Renaissance roadshow or girl math, pink-hued “girly” vibes have dominated pop culture over the last 12 months.

So much so that 2023 has been christened ‘The Year of the Girl.’ But was it really?

Women’s equality and rights are going backward in many respects, from the reverberations of Roe V. Wade being overturned to geopolitical situations that disproportionately affect women. The number of women in senior leadership roles has also declined in 2023.

So, in this week’s episode, we ask how brands and media can make sure 2024 truly is the year of the girl?

Joining Adweek’s co-hosts Luz Corona and Rebecca Stewart for an honest but hopeful conversation, we have Deborah Joseph, Glamour’s U.K. Editor in chief and European editorial director, and Sami Lambert, Adweek’s director of social media.

They juxtapose their favorite girl trends, with the challenges women are facing in the year ahead—from the rise of extremists such as Andrew Tate to body shaming.

Stream the new episode below, listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or find it on Spotify.

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