Close To Monday Enlist Slevin For Hypnotic Melodic House Remix


European duo Close To Monday has been making waves at home and here in the US with their irresistible synth pop laden sound. Reminiscent of bands like Boy Harsher and CHVRCHES, they still have carved out a unique sound for themselves that has earned them top 3 charting positions in the Netherlands along with international acclaim for their visually stunning music videos.

Now, they’ve enlisted Slevin for a mesmerizing remix of their song “Religion“, exploring the depths of melodic house and techno driven by Close To Monday’s hypnotic vocal performance. By blending different elements of darkwave, house and techno, DJ Slevin shows off the remix’s versatility while also proving it as a dynamic piece of art that doesn’t stick to one genre.

There’s plenty more to come from Close To Monday, including new music every month. In the meantime, enjoy the remix below!

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