Martial Simon & MarzVille Dust Off Classic “Break My Stride” With Uplifting House Remix


When it comes to giving a facelift to old classics, few do it as good as Martial Simon. Now, he’s teaming up with world-renowned Soca artist, MarzVille, to unveil an innovative interpretation of Matthew Wilder’s timeless hit, “Break My Stride.” This partnership injects the song with a burst of captivating electronic elements and lively melodies, complemented by MarzVille’s exceptional vocal flair. The result is a tune that effortlessly brightens anyone’s day, elevating the distinctive and vibrant ambiance for which Martial Simon is renowned and fusing it seamlessly with MarzVille’s acclaimed Caribbean rhythms.

As the creator of GET SET Records, Martial Simon has not just influenced his personal trajectory but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the paths of numerous others. Through his label, he has served as a conduit to a global audience, strategically propelling those he signs towards prospective triumphs.

Check out the song below!

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