Israel-Hamas War: The Coming FULFILLMENT Of Isaiah 2 Prophecy


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Greetings from Jerusalem, and thank you for joining us in these challenging times. As we navigate through adversity, our focus naturally turns to the divine. In moments of hardship, we seek solace and guidance, finding our bearings in the unwavering presence of the Lord.

Returning to the studio here in Jerusalem, we are honored to have Dr. Eres with us, the esteemed president of One for Israel Bible College. If you’ve explored the happenings in Israel on platforms like YouTube, you may have encountered One for Israel. Dr. Eres, a respected figure and leader in the body of Messiah in Israel, shares insights on the profound crisis engulfing the nation.

In the midst of this dire situation, where sorrow permeates every corner, the people of Israel bear the weight of an overwhelming burden. Each day brings forth poignant interviews with grieving families, a heartbreaking sight that leaves no soul untouched. Yet, amidst this suffering, there is a profound truth embedded in the scriptures – the Messiah, as the Comforter, holds a pivotal role.

Dr. Eres and our host acknowledge the shared grief and the biblical imperative to “cry with those who cry.” Contemplating the concept of God’s comfort, Dr. Eres turns to a passage from Isaiah chapter 2, drawing attention to the prophecy of the establishment of the mountain of the house of the Lord. This vision extends beyond a geographical shift; it foretells a future where the Messiah, the Comforter, reigns supreme. Nations will converge, not only to pay homage but to glean wisdom and understanding of the divine ways.

The conversation delves into the historical context, emphasizing the hope encapsulated in this prophecy. Dr. Eres elaborates on the impending transformation of Temple Mount when the Messiah returns, solidifying his role as the Comforter and restoring order. This divine intervention holds the promise of a harmonious future where nations relinquish weaponry for tools of cultivation, ushering in an era devoid of war.

In conclusion, the discussion emphasizes the role of comfort in times of mourning, underlining the significance of holding onto the promises embedded in the scriptures. Dr. Eres calls upon the global community to stand in solidarity with the people of Israel during this season of mourning. As the host extends warm Shalom from Jerusalem, the message resonates – in the face of despair, find solace in the promises of God, and fervently pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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