This Indian Healing Clay Mask Is a Game Changer!


Woman wearing Indian Healing Clay mask and holding jar in hand

Blackheads be gone!

Breakouts, blackheads, and excessively oily skin are common problems that most of us have dealt with at one time or another. If you’ve been searching high and low for a clear skin remedy, look no further than the “WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL FACIAL” a.k.a. Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay mask.

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tub of aztec indian healing clay powder

What’s in the Indian Healing Clay?!

I was curious about what made this mask so effective so I did a little research on the one and only ingredient – Calcium Bentonite Clay. It’s 100% natural and full of magnesium, calcium, and iron which aid in the release of toxins and excess oil.

Believe it or not, healing clay has been used for centuries as a skincare treatment. As part of her beauty regimen, Cleopatra even covered herself in clay straight from the Nile River! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind having goddess skin like hers.

Bubbling Indian Healing Clay mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar in bowl

You can mix the Indian Healing Clay with water or apple cider vinegar, but you’ll likely have better results using the vinegar.

When mixed with the clay, you’ll notice a little bit of bubbling at first (pictured above) and this is totally normal. Once your face is covered in Indian Healing Clay, all you have to do is sit tight for 20 minutes and let the green gunk transform your skin.

A jar of Aztec's Secret with the clay mix spilled onto a table

What does the mask feel like?

Just check out the 20,000+ reviews on Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay. Even Mindy Kaling has raved about the magical mask.

After the mask has been on for about 10 minutes, you’ll likely experience a tightening and slightly itchy sensation. You’ll also look a little red in the face after rinsing, but this is totally normal and usually goes away within 15 minutes.

Indian Healing Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, mask in bowl

“This mask sucks out EVERYTHING in your pores”

My fellow Hip2Savers have also tried the Indian Healing Clay mask—here’s what they have to say:

“I just used this Indian Healing Clay on its own for the first time. I’ve had a few different friends swear by it forever so I figured I’d give it a shot. After the first time using it…I’m literally in love and think I’ll do it every week from now on! I applied my mask pretty thick and after about 20 minutes I pretty much felt like a scaly reptile but after washing it off, my face felt amazing! Nice and tight and good blood flow to my face…I did experience a little redness which is expected, but I can only imagine all the good it will do for my skin with regular use. I can’t wait to see my results in the months to come!” – Hip Sidekick, Sara

“This mask sucks out EVERYTHING in your pores — and you know it’s working from the tingly and constricting sensation! I recommend always using ACV to mix in with the mask over water, as water can make it a little too clumpy. I usually follow it up with a very hydrating lotion or a hydration mask since my skin tends to feel a little dry afterward. You get so much out of one tub and it’s so inexpensive. I could never be without this mask in my skincare routine!” Hip Sidekick, Emily

HIP TIP: After you rinse off your mask, follow it up with a Vitamin C Serum like I did.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share a product that I love! 

Happy masking!

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