Goodles Mac & Cheese Only $2.79 at Target (Has Extra Protein, Fiber, & REAL Cheese!)


Lina holding a box of Goodles Mac and Cheese and a bowl with the cooked mac and cheese

We found a Mac & Cheese at Target that’s actually GOOD for you!🥣

For a limited time, hurry over to your local Target where you can score Goodles Mac & Cheese for only $2.79 (regularly $3.39)! Note that these are not on sale online.

Goodles Mac & Cheese is not your everyday boxed mac & cheese! As they like to say, they took the noodles and made them “gooder” by adding 14g of protein, 7g of fiber with prebiotics, and 21 nutrients from plants. Plus, the cheese is made from real cheese, there are no artificial flavors or preservatives and it’s low GI too!

Lina in Target holding boxes of Goodles Mac & Cheese

It is available in 9 yummy flavors including a more traditional Cheddy Mac, flavorful Twist My Parm with parmesan cheese, Smokey Dokey with slightly smoked gouda, and Hey, Hey Elote which is street corn mac with cotija cheese and more! There’s also a Vegan is Believin’ option that’s made with plant-based cheddar cheese!

If you have picky kiddos who love their mac & cheese but want to offer them an option that’s healthier and more nutritious, then you’ll absolutely want to give Goodles Mac & Cheese a try!

bowl of Goodles mac and cheese in person's hand with stove, pot and box in background

Now, you’re probably wondering if a healthier mac & cheese like this really tastes GOOD or not.  We can confirm that, yes – it does!

Our own Hip Sidekick Lina and her daughter decided to give Goodles Mac & Cheese a try and here’s what she had to share…

teen girl getting mac and cheese out of a pot on stove

“I saw folks talking about this item on a Costco social media page and became intigued! With 14g of protein per serving, this mac and cheese has some impressive nutritional values compared to the average option. I grabbed one at Target to try the taste and was honestly impressed! Wow, the texture of the pasta is tender and not chewy. The taste is rich and intensely cheesy. It’s really GOOD.

My teen is a tough critic when it comes to mac and cheese and she said it tastes better than the blue box kind. We look forward to trying the other flavors! Highly recommend.”

Here’s Lina giving it a taste test & her honest reaction…

Have you heard of or tried Goodles?

hand holding box of Goodles Mac & Cheese in front of stove

If mac & cheese is a staple food in your house (like it is in mine), this more healthy option from Goodles might soon become your favorite too!

Goodles also offers pasta options as well that have similar healthier ingredients with 10g of protein if you want to make your pasta dishes “gooder” too!

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