TurboTax Begins Super Bowl 58 Campaign With R/GA


TurboTax will be back in the Super Bowl for the 11th straight year, but this time with a different take on the tax game from new creative partner R/GA.

Under Wieden+Kennedy’s creative direction last year, the tax prep service told viewers “Don’t Do Your Taxes.” With R/GA at the helm, that message is now “Make Your Moves Count,” and the campaign leading up to the Big Game celebrates what TurboTax is calling “risers”—those who are blazing their own trails and need the service to make all their money moves count at tax time.

In June of last year, after a creative review that saw Wieden+Kennedy fail to defend the business, R/GA won Intuit’s TurboTax offerings, including TurboTax Live and TurboTax Full Service with a remit to help increase consumer adoption. 

“Intuit has a vision, which is about powering prosperity for customers. And those customers include consumers and small businesses,” Nick Soukas, svp of marketing of Intuit’s Consumer Group, told Adweek.

Celebrating the ‘risers’

Soukas said that, following years of a pandemic, the company and agency found that people are looking to get out and make bold choices in their lives, and what they do with their money is highly important. The campaign grew out of the various stories of those “risers.”

“A lot of the stories that you’ll see are based in the experience and collected by people who worked on [the campaign],” added Soukas.

A series of films celebrate the various moves risers make throughout the year. The first seven stories are each told from the point of view of a TurboTax expert making their customers’ moves count by guaranteeing their best tax outcome.

In “Boater Home,” two people outmaneuver the housing market by buying a houseboat. Their TurboTax expert helps them navigate filing as first-time homeowners.

Other themes are a person who shifts careers from delivering packages to streaming video games, an investor who rode the stock market to the moon and back, and a “boss mom” who balances two jobs and being a single mother. The campaign will culminate in a yet-to-be-released spot for the Super Bowl.

TurboTax also has two Spanish language spots in the campaign, which the company has done in the past, but this is the first year that TurboTax has a fully Spanish-translated tax offering across its full product lineup. In the spot “Tradición Familiar,” a woman breaks generations of family tradition to start her own business, and her TurboTax expert takes on her taxes and delivers her maximum refund.

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