Mean Girls Comes to Snapchat With Four AR Lenses


To celebrate the release of the 2024 Mean Girls musical movie, Paramount Pictures worked with Snapchat to launch an AR lens collection featuring four augmented reality experiences for fans.

The Burn Book Lens places a person’s face on a Polaroid-style photo inside the infamous grudge tome from the Mean Girls films, alongside their name and phrases from the original movie.

The Mean Girls Quiz Lens asks fans to tilt their head to answer multiple choice questions to determine which Mean Girls character they are.

The Mean Girls Clique Lens shows people the profile pictures of four of their Snapchat friends and asks them to sort each person into one of four categories (like Mathlete and Art Freak) to form their own clique.

And the We Wear Pink Lens will turn the person’s clothing pink while also smoothing out their complexion and placing the text “On Wednesday We Wear Pink” above their head.

“Launching the first lens collection on Snapchat felt like the perfect way to bring people back into the world of Mean Girls,” said Tamar Teifeld, svp of global digital marketing at Paramount Pictures. “Seeing how fans new and old have been sharing and engaging with each other has been so fetch!”

In addition to using these sponsored lenses, Snapchat users will be able to use Mean Girls Cameo stickers, which will show their Cameo holding the Burn Book and being placed inside it.

“Snapchat exists to deepen friendships in a fun way, and we love seeing how much Snapchatters are enjoying playing with and sharing these lenses featuring iconic elements from the movie,” said Elana Sulzer, U.S. head of entertainment at Snap.

The marketing team from Snap also attended the Mean Girls premiere and interviewed the film’s cast about the film, their co-stars and their own high school experiences.

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