Ransom Canyon – James Brolin, Eoin Macken and Lizzy Greene Join Cast


James Brolin, La Brea star Eoin Macken and A Million Little Things alumna Lizzy Greene are set as leads opposite Josh Duhamel and Minka Kelly in Netflix‘s upcoming drama series Ransom Canyon.

Duhamel plays Staten Kirkland, the owner and sole occupant of the sprawling Double K Ranch.

Brolin plays Cap Fuller, an ex-Army captain and the brash, bullheaded owner of Fuller Ranch. After losing his only son in Afghanistan, Cap buried his grief in work and the occasional drink, his once-renowned ranch having fallen into slight disrepair. Resisting pressure to sell, Cap hires new foreman, Yancy Grey, and is quick to let the young man know exactly what he’s doing wrong. About as salty as they come, Cap is kept in line only by Ellie, daughter of a fallen brother in arms, who checks in on him from time to time.

Macken plays Davis, the charming, Ivy-educated owner of the modern Bar W Ranch. Unlike his counterpart Staten Kirkland, Davis is intent on capitalizing on the invaluable aquifer running below Ransom’s ranch land. But this is far from the first issue that Staten and Davis have butted heads over. The two biggest landowners in Ransom, the Kirkland and Collins families have been feuding for generations. But passionate stances on the water pipeline aren’t the only thing Davis and Staten share — both have fallen hard for the beguiling Quinn O’Grady (Kelly), lavender farmer and owner of the local dancehall in Ransom.

Greene plays Lauren Brigman, Ransom Canyon’s ambitious head cheerleader. The daughter of the town sheriff and girlfriend of cocky quarterback Reid Collins, Lauren appears to be living her best life — but all she really wants is to put this small town in her rearview. With her sights set on making the cheer team at UT Austin as her ticket out, Lauren must navigate her strict father’s desire for her to stay in Ransom. Lauren’s only reprieve comes in the form of a new, unexpected love interest: Lucas Russell, a kind-hearted underdog from the other side of the tracks who her father and her friends do not approve of.

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