DoorDash Drops a Luscious, Cinematic Campaign in Three Acts


No one left the cake out in the rain, but just as illogically, someone launched a projectile from a slingshot—inside the house, of all places—causing a chain reaction that destroyed a chocolate confection meant for a kid named Norah.

Ordering a triple-layer replacement sets off a new flurry of activity, at a local bakery, followed by a bicycle delivery and a celebration saved.

The scenario—which plays out in a beautifully choreographed, music-driven trilogy—comes via a new campaign from DoorDash Canada and Toronto-based agency Hard Work Club. 

There’s so much eye candy on display that “One Delivery in Three Acts” is best watched multiple times, better to catch the stylistic references to Michel Gondry’s music video for Daft Punk’s hit “Around the World,” the Rashomon effect and the homage to filmmaker Busby Berkeley’s dancing extravaganzas.

The theatrical work, from lauded director Henry Scholfield, paints DoorDash’s vendor partners and delivery workers as heroes coming to the timely aid of consumers in need with the tagline, “Dash That.”

“It can feel like you push a button and just like that, a delivery arrives at your door,” according to Heather Cameron, head of brand and creative for DoorDash Canada. “But of course, there is a whole neighborhood hustling to make that happen. This work gives merchants and Dashers their due, putting a magical spotlight on the whole flywheel that makes what we do possible.”

DoorDash launched the trilogy recently with the first two spots, “The Party” and “The Order.” The third ad, “The Dash,” will debut during the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 18, when all three ads will run throughout the telecast.

Artful advertising

To create the elaborate sets, Hard Work Club took cues from stage design, building a series of revolving and sliding platforms to represent a local community and its inhabitants. 

The ads were shot with a combination of practical and digital effects, with Keone and Mari Madrid providing the choreography. (The pair has worked with BTS, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish and other pop stars). The soundtrack, a reworked version of Sam & Dave’s classic ‘60s soul song “Hold On, I’m Coming,” came via Sndwrx in Toronto.

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