Reese’s Drops Super Bowl 58 Teasers Promising a ‘Big Change’


Hershey has launched two short videos in the run-up to its Super Bowl 58 campaign for legacy brand Reese’s, using over-the-top sight gags to tease a “big change” to its beloved product.

The company won’t specify what that “big change” is just yet, but the creative from independent agency Erich & Kallman aims to make it clear that fans are less than thrilled with the development. 

Informed of the news by a voice of god narrator, characters in the 15-second spots drop what they’re doing, freeze in place, stare straight at the camera and yell “noooooooooo.”

A gardener gets hosed, literally, and a tennis player gets pelted in the head with a rapid-fire barrage of balls. 

The spots land on a “holiday” called National Peanut Butter Day and ahead of Reese’s second appearance in the Super Bowl.

“The teasers show what happens when Reese’s proposes to change the already perfect pairing of peanut butter and chocolate … leaving fans’ jaws on the floor because no one likes when you mess with perfection,” per the brand.

“Sprinkler” and “Tennis” are standalone spots, not cutdowns of the 30-second ad scheduled to air during the CBS telecast on Feb. 11. They’re spiritual cousins, though, revolving around the passion that consumers have for an American classic candy, per Reese’s.

The hero spot will also aim to make the connection between fervent chocolate and peanut butter fans and NFL aficionados.

Reese’s, a ubiquitous 95-year-old brand, has grown more than 9% annually over the past four years, per Circana, with a presence in 80% of U.S. households in the past three years.

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