Nickelodeon Super Bowl Ads Sell Out


It’s all happening in the Nick of time.

Top line

With a couple of weeks to go before the Big Game, Paramount has sold out inventory on Nickelodeon for its Super Bowl 58 alternate telecast.

Between the lines

The company first announced Nickelodeon would get an alternate telecast—which ADWEEK is calling a slime-ulcast—in August. Now, inventory for Nick is officially sold out, with the majority of advertisers airing across the CBS and Nickelodeon feeds in a single buy, in addition to being streamed on Paramount+.

Paramount previously announced that its Super Bowl ad inventory was nearly sold out in early November. However, a Paramount spokeswoman confirmed that it was “only when overall demand was secured” that the company could determine the Nick opportunity and go to market.

According to the spokeswoman, Nickelodeon saw “extremely high demand right out of the gate” and sold out in 6 weeks.

Paramount and CBS haven’t revealed pricing; however, a 30-second Super Bowl spot reportedly costs buyers around $7 million.

Regarding categories, toys, retail, CPG and QSR will all be represented on Nickelodeon.

Additional brand opportunities for the alt. telecast include influencer casting, content and distribution; “Nick-ified” sports-themed content; and surrounding programming.

Advertisers running on CBS and Nickelodeon have the opportunity to change creative between channels, and there are some category exclusions for advertisers that don’t belong on a family-friendly network.

“Most of the advertisers that you see in the main telecast are going to be in the Nick telecast. There are a few categories that need to come out,” Paramount ad sales chief John Halley recently told ADWEEK. “Obviously, you can’t have beer commercials, pill prescriptions, FanDuel.”

Bottom line

Though there were previous reports that Paramount was having trouble offloading the Nick spots, the sellout seems to put those stories to rest.

Appearing at ADWEEK’s Outlook event, Halley pushed back on reports that Nickelodeon having trouble selling spots, saying the company was seeing strong demand.

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