I Tried and LOVED Target’s Popular Self-Watering Planters


The self-watering pots and planters from Target make plant care easy!

target self watering planters

These self-watering planters from the Room Essentials brand at Target give everyone a green thumb! 🪴 

I decided to try my hand at gardening again this year, even if it’s not my strong suit. When I saw the low prices of these very popular Room Essentials self-watering planters at Target, I figured these were just what I needed for success this time around, and I couldn’t pass up such a great deal!

smiling woman in a baseball cap and jacket holding a white plastic self watering planter from target with plants in it

And now all of the Hip2Save team (like Sara above) is loving Target’s self-watering planters and have been scooping them up!

If you’re looking forward to doing a little spring planting in March, don’t wait to grab a few! They can sell out!

woman holding white self watering planter with plant

I was pleasantly surprised by the large selection, but I have a feeling these babies will fly off the shelf. The planters are available in several different sizes from 4″ to 20″ and come in fun colors, like mint green and rust.

Heads up that the smaller sizes only ship with $35+ orders, so in-store pickup or curbside will definitely be the way to go!

different colors of self watering planters on store shelf

Check out the other planter styles available, too!

a womans hand holding a Target rectangle self watering planter with plants in it.

target self watering half circle planters

hand grabbing one black self watering planters on store shelf

hanging self watering planter at a store

room essentials self watering planters at target

I decided to go with black and white round pots for a modern look. I scooped up the 8″ and the 12″ sizes and ordered a few hardy plants to go with them. I was hopeful that the self-watering feature would make up for my busy schedule and lack of gardening skills.

What are self-watering planters and how do they work?

inside of a self watering planter

I wasn’t exactly sure how the Target planters worked so I did a little research before purchasing. I learned that self-watering planters aim to deliver water directly to the roots of the plant using a sub-irrigation system. The planters come with a shallow water basin, or reservoir, at the bottom of the planter. Here is where you can refill the water or drain it if needed.

This means the gardener no longer has to guess how much or when to water the plants. Instead, the roots of the plant will drink from the reservoir, either directly or via the soil, whenever it needs nutrients. This process is called “capillary action” or “wicking.” It’s like how a sponge soaks up water. Pretty cool, right?! 🤓

So, how does one use these self-watering planters?

target self watering planter box filled with succulents placed on a windowsil

This may be common knowledge for some, but for a newbie like me, it is not. I wished the planters had come with some basic instructions or tips for success. Since they didn’t, I browsed the Target Q&A section for helpful hints. I followed Target expert John’s advice on how to re-pot my plants and keep the water refreshed. My husband, an avid gardener, agreed that this was a good approach. 👏

To get started, John advises:

“Self-watering planters are a great help if you don’t exactly have a green thumb. Set up the planter the same way as a typical planter. Water the soil thoroughly from the top the first time, and keep the reservoir filled via the port at the bottom. The roots will absorb water from the soil as needed.” 

room essentials self watering planters at target

My plants, a golden pothos, and a snake plant took to their new pots well and the soil stayed wet for close to a week and a half. At that point, I used a watering can to pour additional water into the hole that leads to the basin. Aside from getting them enough sun, that is all I have had to do to get these plants to thrive!

What makes the Target self-watering planters special?

hand holding up a black half circle target self watering planter with a bright pink plant in front of a potting bench area

When I first handled the Target planters, I was taken aback by how light they were, just .12 lbs. If I’m being honest, I worried they might be cheap quality. Luckily, it didn’t take long for me to understand why being lightweight was actually a benefit to me. After putting in soil, these self-watering planters were still easy to move around. I could carry them outside and back indoors without exerting myself. 💪

target self watering planters outside with plants in them

Plus, these polypropylene planters look as chic as the heavier and more expensive ceramic garden planters I bought my husband recently. I love their smooth, curved style that looks clean and modern, and these planters will add beauty to any home, patio, or windowsill.

All that said, I do have a few suggestions for improvement…

self watering planters from Target with plants in them

There was a lot I enjoyed about these planters, and let’s face it, they’re a total steal starting at just $3! But there were a few things I thought needed improvement.

As I mentioned earlier, a few basic instructions or tips on how to use these self-watering pots would have been helpful. I also felt the reservoir portion of the planter was difficult to screw on and off. If I ever need to remove it, I’ll need a second set of hands to help. Luckily, I can refill the water without ever removing the bottom saucer. I also loved the unique color options but some selections were only available for certain-sized planters.

Nonetheless, they’re certainly not deal-breakers!

All in all, these popular Target self-watering planters are a total win in my book! 🙌  

various colors and sizes of self watering planters stacked on store shelves

Say goodbye to black thumbs! I have only re-watered my plants once upon potting them and three weeks later, the soil is still wet to the touch. Meanwhile, my husband has watered our outdoor plants daily. Not to toot my own horn or anything 🎺🎵, but my self-watered plants look just as healthy and vibrant as our manually-watered ones. For this reason alone, I’m sold on these planters!

My Hip teammate Chelsey is a raving fan too!

“I have a few of these Target planters and they are fantastic! I have them in white and the plastic easily wipes clean if you get dirt on it and you don’t have to worry about setting a saucer on it because of the self-watering saucer on the bottom. These would be so cute to pair with a plant as a gift for your kiddo’s teacher!” Chelsey

Better yet, they are an excellent value. They cost less than most value meals and make plant care a lot easier. If you head over to Target soon, you can capitalize on these affordable garden accessories. Talk about gardening on a budget! If you do pick some up, let us know what you think!

Happy planting!  🌱

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