Kate McKinnon & Mayo Cat Feature in Hellmann’s Super Bowl Ad


Unilever mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s will continue its battle against food waste with an ad featuring Kate McKinnon, Mayo Cat and Pete Davidson’s yearly cameo in the brand’s Super Bowl ad. The spot tells viewers how the “may-ow” can be used to make new meals out of Super Bowl leftovers.

For the fourth consecutive year, Unilever will aim to drive sales with the food waste messaging, this time with McKinnon and her feline co-star as the two find renewed fame when she realizes the cat can “talk” after the cat directs her to use “may-ow” in the kitchen.

The pair then do the talk show and conference circuit to recount the moment, building a craze from consumers to purchase Hellmann’s in response while Mayo Cat enjoys her moment in the spotlight. That includes a brief celebrity relationship with Davidson, making it onto the front cover of People magazine, too.

It ends with the statement “Make Taste Not Waste.”

Created by VML, there will be two edits of the ad—the 30-second film will run during the game and a one-minute version that will live on the brand’s YouTube and social media channels.

“Hellmann’s continues to challenge itself to find relatable, authentic and even humorous ways for people to think about their leftovers—and this year, by enlisting the help of Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson and Mayo Cat to help us do that in our spot for the Big Game has definitely elevated the influence of our Make Taste, Not Waste platform,” said Chris Symmes, senior marketing director, Dressings, North America, Unilever.

“Showing people that with a little ‘may-ow,’ we all can play a big role in doing something meaningful, and delicious, with our leftovers that will help reduce our food waste impact,” he added.

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