12 Dollar Tree Storage Ideas You Need in 2024 (#3 is Brilliant!)


Get organized on a budget with these dollar tree storage ideas! 

dollar tree basket in front of bins in store

Anyone can get organized with Dollar Tree

If you’re looking to get organized without breaking the bank, make Dollar Tree your first stop and check out their huge selection of storage bins, hooks, hangers and more for just $1.25!

Although you’ll find the best selection in–store, if you don’t have access to a Dollar Tree you can browse online and order in bulk– which you might need to organize all the things. Otherwise, consider splitting the order with a friend or family member and opt for free in-store pickup to save on shipping!

Don’t miss these genius Dollar Tree Storage Ideas!

1. Keep scarves neat with shower curtain hooks.


This clever dollar tree storage idea will clean up your closet in no time! Try it with scarves, belts, and more!

2. Store crayons in soap cases and other dollar tree storage containers.


Various soap cases & containers – $1.25

Dollar Tree has a plethora of storage containers in various sizes and colors! Consider placing crayons or small toys in snack/veggie containers with lids or travel soap containers so you can easily grab them when you’re on the go. Throw them in your purse, diaper bag, or carry-on luggage and they’re perfect for traveling, too!

3. Spice up the way you organize your drawers. 

hand holding clear plastic frame over drawer

Even the most inexpensive organizers on Amazon will still cost you much more than this genius spice drawer hack using clear picture frames! Where has this dollar tree storage idea been all our lives? 🤩

4. Use stacking dollar tree storage bins under the sink.


These colorful bins are great for using under the bathroom or kitchen sink to hold miscellaneous hair products, razors, soap bars, medicines, facial care products, sponges, dishwasher tabs, and more!

5. Organize sock drawers with fabric bins and dollar tree storage baskets.


These fabric collapsible storage containers may get overlooked at Dollar Tree, but we love them for keeping our kiddos’ sock and/or underwear drawers neat and tidy. Plus, when it’s laundry time, the kids can just grab the bin out of their drawer and easily load it up in the laundry room!

6. Keep loose cords in toothbrush holders or eyeglass cases.


Tired of finding random cords around the house and being confused about who they belong to or what their purpose is? Keep track of charging cables, earbuds, and other cords in toothbrush holders (or eyeglass carrying cases) and label them with the contents. This makes traveling a breeze as the holders fit nicely in all bags!

7. Keep your boots standing tall with pool noodles.


Not only does this prolong the life of your boots and help keep their shape, but it just looks neater than flopped-over boots in your closet!

8. A peg board is one of the best dollar tree hacks for storage. 

hand holding black peg board in store at dollar tree

Peg boards are great for the kitchen, home office, kids rooms, and more, but the best part is this one is so inexpensive! Plus, you can find all the peg board accessories including shelves, cups, hooks, and more for just over a buck too!

9. Keep outside toys in mesh laundry bags.


One thing about the beach is that sandgets everywhere. Keep those sand toys in mesh laundry bags at the beach so you can just shake out the sand before packing in the car instead of bringing it home with you.

10. Display jewelry with a metal cooling rack.


Make your own frugal jewelry holder! Just pick up a pack of two metal cooling racks for a buck, hang it on the wall, and then you’ll be able to easily display and organize your earrings, sunglasses, necklaces, and more.

11. Store essential oils and more using makeup organizers.

hand pulling acrylic organizer off shelf

Acrylic makeup organizer – $1.25

Have a lot of little essential oil bottles laying around the house? Keep them organized with a clear makeup organizer at Dollar Tree. There are several different shapes and sizes to choose from, too!

12. Make DIY movie night bins with shower caddies.


Make movie night fun and personalized for each family member! Grab some $1 divided caddies, a few reusable popcorn containers, and some reusable tumblers with straws and fill them with treats that each person enjoys. Wash & reuse these items time and time again to make every movie night fun!

Use these tips, tricks, & more freebies to organize your life!

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