The Budweiser Clydesdales and Labrador Return for Super Bowl 58


The Budweiser Clydesdale horse team has been an integral part of the brand’s Super Bowl presence for decades, and this year will mark the majestic animals’ 46th Big Game appearance.

A 30-second in-game spot, “Old-School Delivery” opens on a snowy mountain town, panning into a community bar where the power goes out. A delivery driver hears on the radio that the roads are closed, meaning the Budweiser beer delivery is trapped.

When the driver sees the Clydesdales, he decides to deliver the beer the “old school way.” Hitching the team to a wooden Budweiser wagon, the delivery truck driver and his colleague—played by Fred Dana, a real-life Budweiser wholesaler for more than 34 years—load the traditional wooden Budweiser hitch with beer before the team heads out, braving narrow mountain roads and blinding snow.

Just as we think the horses may not make it through, a yellow Labrador retriever—understood as the puppy sidekick from “Puppy Love” back in 2014—hears the whinnying of the horses through the storm and runs to help his horse brothers to complete the delivery.

When the Clydesdales appear, the town’s patrons cheer as Budweiser is brought in and celebrations begin. The film closes with bargoers enjoying the moment over a Budweiser, with an end card that reads, “Delivering Since 1876.”

The action is scored to the tune of The Band classic “The Weight.”

The spot, from FCB New York, is meant to drive home the brand’s message of resilience and determination, and its commitment to always delivering in moments that matter over its 147-year history.

“Budweiser has been synonymous with the Super Bowl for decades, and the broadcast continues to be a very special moment for our brand and a core pillar of our advertising strategy,” said Kristina Punwani, head of marketing at Budweiser USA, in a statement. “We knew there was no better way to show Budweiser’s continued commitment to delivering for its fans than with our biggest celebrities.”

The spot was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker and Emmy-winning commercial director Henry-Alex Rubin.

Clydesdales in Vegas

As an extension of the Super Bowl 58 spot, the Budweiser Clydesdales will also play a role on the ground in Las Vegas through community engagement activities. The team will bring the story of the commercial to life for consumers in town for the Big Game by bringing Budweiser to bars around the city. Consumers can follow the Clydesdales’ journey leading up to the Big Game by visiting Budweiser’s social channels.

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