Teleflora’s Hopeful Ad Asks Couples What Makes Them ‘Believe in Love’


Even with so much promise for instant connection through for technology, the reality of dating can be pretty bleak. Finding the right partner is challenging, but Teleflora‘s hopeful ad focuses on the emotional transformation that love can bring.

Airing ahead of Valentine’s Day, Teleflora’s “Believe in Love” urges couples to think about how love has changed them for the better. Taking five different couples as its subject, the three-minute film asks participants to discuss the struggle of finding love.

The stories are funny and sometimes a little sad, with guests noting that they had issues with trust and self-worth. But when asked to describe their partners, the interviewees come to life. Presenting each other with Teleflora arrangements complete with romantic notes, each couple celebrates the way love has improved their outlooks.

“Love can be discouraging, confusing and simply hard to believe in, but the right partner can change your perspective in all the best ways,” Danielle Mason, vice president of marketing at Teleflora, said in a statement. “In a world filled with uncertainty, we wanted to reignite hope and optimism this Valentine’s Day. Flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate the ones who made you believe in the power of love.”

This campaign is an extension of Teleflora’s brand platform launched in 2017 and continues its work with parent company The Wonderful Company’s in-house agency, Wonderful Agency. “Believe in Love” introduces Teleflora’s 2024 Valentine’s Bouquet lineup, including four new choices at different prices.

Focusing on sparse, deeply felt campaigns has been a mainstay for the brand. Previous ads for holidays such as Mother’s Day have highlighted love in its many forms through personal stories in an interview-style format.

The film will run across YouTube and the brand’s social media channels. This will be supported by targeted in-stream media buys on connected TV, digital and mobile.

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